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Great dinner@Olema Inn

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We motored out to Olema to meet folks for an early dinner yesterday and continue to like this place. It's a welcommed relief to have a good place to eat out in Pt. Reyes without having to fork out $$$$$$$$ for Manka's. Four of us split two orders(8 each) of Hog Island Oysters. One order was traditional French the other had tobiko. Both were great according to their diners. We all opted for salads and small plates and were happy with our choices. One had the sashimi and the crab salad and loved both.Two of us split the grilled figs and cowgirl creamery Red Hawk cheese salad(very good) and one had the BLT(with Avacado and Burata cheese). Other small plates included the grilled scallop salad ...very good and the Bellweather Farms gnocchi with pesto, corn and shelled peas....YUMMY.
Desserts were: creme brulee..and the very best IMO a Panna Cota~ creamy like the angels would make with bing cheeries poached in viognier. We shared some wine..rose(Robert Hall) and a split of Merryvale Sauvignon Blanc followed by a bottle of Au Bon Climate white(viognier and ???)-sorry but very good. Service was good..delivery of the dishes was very spotty but the atmosphere was very comfortable. I'd go again in a heart beat!

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