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Aug 1, 2006 07:21 AM

J.R. Seafood Sold to Hop Li

I don't know if anyone else has posted this...but I'm told that the J.R. Seafood restaurant over on Santa Monica Boulevard has been purchased by the people who own Hop Li (the one on Pico and the one in Chinatown).

I think this is good news. J.R. used to be a great restaurant but the last few times there, I found the food indifferent and the service worst. If they can bring it up to Hop Li standards, it will be a big improvement.

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  1. Do you know when the change takes place, or has this already happened? My friends and I abandoned J.R. about 1 year ago and would love to go back if it is Hop Li.

    1. Yes, I posted about it about 10 days ago, yet the mods deleted the post, but is the food at Hop Li really good, or is it just one hohum operator replacing another? Never tried Hop Li, although posts here would indicate that is barely passable.

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        Hop Li downtown L.A. is pretty good in my opinion, not as good as Monterey Park, etc. places, but it would be a significant improvement in what is available in WLA

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          Carter, you must have been missing my posts on the downtown branch. Great Hong Kong style seafood. Lobster in ginger and green onion is the best. Peking duck is excellent. Great oysters or scallops. Give it a try.

        2. There was a Hop Li in MDR but it closed. It got a C once.. go figure.

          1. The food at Hop Li was tasteless and boring unless you ordered from the live tank and paid a fortune for your meal. Regular menu items were a total waste of time and money.

            1. I have never tasted a more delicious version of Singapore Style Fried Rice Noodles as I routinely get at Hop Li. My order is almost always for take-out. Strips of cha shu, shrimp, bell peppers, rice noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, jalapeƱos, julienned leeks, scrambled eggs, and a faint taste of curry. All that mixed up in one dish. The order is so large, I can never finish it. Makes it taste more authentic when I remember to ask for chop sticks, soy sauce, and gai lak.