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Aug 1, 2006 05:42 AM

New Restaurants in S.F.

HI wonderful chowhounds of S.F.,

I moved away in April and will be visiting soon. I would like to check out some of the brand new restaurants there if you think they're some great ones. By new I mean in the last four months they've opened. Like Brick, Farmer Browns, the restaurant by one of the former Chow guys etc...
I don't care about the type of food or the cost as long as its good. I want new places because I lived there for fourteen years and know most of the oldies but goodies. Thanks in advance.

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  1. i think these places are less than four months old:

    Nopa - 560 Divisadero. Cal-Med.

    Bistro 1689 - 1689 Church. French.

    La Ciccia - 291 30th Street @ Church. Sardinian.

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    1. re: Absonot

      I will second La Ciccia. Very delicious. make sure you get the salami plate. he has made special recipes of certain types of salamis that some guy in petaluma makes for him. (at least that is what his wife told me when we were there)

      Also, is Bistro 1689 open yet? Have you tried it?

      1. re: jupiter

        I agree that the food at La Ciccia is generally good (except for the tuna, which was dry), but the service still needs some work. We went last Thursday and our server seemed a bit overwhelmed, disappearing for long stretches. She also dropped the ball when she poured some wine from a new bottle into a glass with a different wine, despite being twice told which was which and then didn't offer to fix the problem. It wasn't a huge deal, but still . . . .

        That said, I hope they succeed. It's a nice neighborhood spot.

        1. re: Jeff

          I went to La Ciccia for the third or fourth time Sunday night, and once again was very pleased with both food and service. I love the prices: we had two apps, two pastas, a dessert, an espresso, four glasses of wine, and left stuffed and happy, for $105 including tax and tip, a true value for the quality. One of the highlights was the proscuitto/salumi plate: it was delicious, and enough for two persons. The special seafood spaguetti was also outstanding. The location, four blocks from my house, is a dream...

          I wasn't crazy about the tuna on an earlier visit, but hubby loved it.

          I haven't had any service problems on any of my visits, and indeed, given how tiny the place is it seems hard for a server to disappear. Had I had your experience, I would have flagged someone else down, and I certainly would have said something about the wine: if not to the server then certainly to the owners, who very much want to please and who in particular very much care about the wine they serve! (the Chef/owner is in back but came out and visited most of the tables while we were there; his wife serves as hostess).

          Given how packed they always seem to be, I think they will indeed succeed. We definitely needed our reservation on Sunday night.

          1. re: susancinsf

            I liked the tuna a lot. Overcooked by contemporary California standards, but similar to a lot of fish I had in Italy. Needed the sauce.

        2. re: jupiter

          Nope, haven't tried it yet but it is indeed open. I'd guess it's been three weeks now? Menu is classically french bistro with reasonable prices. I'm been meaning to try it, might be able to do so this week. I will definitely post.

          I recommended it because I remember reading a good review somewhere from a resource I trust. Of course, I can't remember what it was now...

      2. that knocks out myth and luella. woodhouse. opls. and some across the bay

          1. re: rtmonty

            on my free cable car ride back from the chowdown at farmerbrowns, i saw rue saint jaque. it looked so inviting.

          2. You can also check out: or if you subscribe to her newsletter she'll tell you what's opening in San Francisco too. Have a great time!

            1. Coi, Daniel Patterson's new place (former chef of Elisabeth Daniel and Frisson).

              Gayot and SF Weekly have new-restaurant listings (mostly harvested from press releases):


     (click "A weekly listing of new restaurants ...")

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I second trying COI - I really like the place. If you don't want to splurge, try the lounge instead.