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Aug 1, 2006 05:28 AM

Macrina Cafe and Bakery

SF Chowhound inadvertently found himself in this lovely Belltown spot this past Sunday. The line was pretty serious but people were patiently waiting in anticipation. I soon found myself at the counter, drinking an earthy Americano, and savoring a bracing fruit salad with a clever ginger garnish atop.

After much agonizing I opted for the Market Special, which was a crepe filled with basil, ricotta, fresh corn and Tiger Shrimp. I don't even like crepes but this was utterly delicious - super fresh and just plain tasty. Adorning the plate was a nice side of salad greens, what appeared to be fingerling potatoes and some crusts of homemade bread.

Service was excellent and attentive. I only wish we had a Macrina here in SF - truly good. Enjoy, my Pac NW friends.

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  1. Their bakery is the best part, in my opinion. I'm chowing on a piece of Macrina baguette at this very moment--my delightful wife purchased it earlier this evening, and I'm resolved to have the discipline to not eat the whole thing before she wakes up to make her lunch with it tomorrow morning.