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Aug 1, 2006 04:52 AM

BRIDGE restaurant and lounge

Just a quick review for my Bridge experience on friday:

45 minutes late "with" a reservation. Hostess was the WORST!!! can't say enough about her. Snooty, snoty, snappy, all the "s" words.

Server was great. very accomodating.

Food, not bad, but I'm sure not their best. Some of Alto Palato's dishes remain.

Smoking section in "open" patio area, or was it just okay because the owner was at the table? If we knew we were sat in the "smoking section" we wouldn't of sat there!

Manager was a little lack-luster to our concerns.

Will give it some time before i return (maybe)

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  1. I have to agree with you.
    I went there in Mid May (granted they had not been open all that long - I realize that they were still working out kinks)
    Had a reservation and waited 1 hour before seated. Hostess was rude and everything you said.
    We waited at the bar & the bartenders were doing their best to please everyone that was hungry and cranky so they were giving out free shots and mojitos to us (doesnt help when you're STARVING!)
    Our server was great and very apologetic for the wait.
    Food was just OK. I ordered the gnocchi - the portions were EXTREMELY small and lacked flavor and had a weird consistency to it! Left me wishing I had ordered TWO dinners.
    My friend ordered the NY Steak which was pretty good, by far the best thing anyone ordered at our table. Wine was excellent.
    In the end I felt like the quality wasn't that great adn I'm still figuring out what type of restaurant they are trying to be.
    I was anxious to dine here since I knew they are part of the Koi restaurant group and Koi is one of my favorite restaurants of all time. Needless to say Bridge was disappointing.
    I'm not sure I'll go back.

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