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Aug 1, 2006 04:00 AM

Ft Walton Beach BBQ

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! My family and I just moved to Navarre, FL six months ago and have been on a quest for good BBQ since. Looking for something in Ft. Walton beach area... we have tried the Rib Shack in Navarre and it is ok, but not THE ONE if you know what I mean. BBQ is good, too much "stuff" in the beans... and lord help me I ordered a chili dog one day and it had Cincinnati chili on it - BLASPHEMY!!!!
Any suggestions, please help us. We are sooo hungry. We like GA style BBQ- deep red sauces with a little bit of spice, brunswick stew that melts in your mouth, simple and delicious baked beans that don't include peppers or onions... any suggestions?

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  1. I'm still something of a barbecue novice, but I've heard good things about Pig Alley between the outlet mall and Sandestin. I'm blanking on the name but that barbecue/Thai place on US 98 in Mary Esther seems to have a good rep.

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    1. re: beachmouse

      Thanks, beachmouse... I'll have to try Pig Alley when I am over that way. Oh my god I ate at that bbq/thai place the other day and it was plain nasty. The thai might be good but the bbq was TERRIBLE!

      1. re: GAtransplant

        HA! Note: BBQ in a thai place. you knew better than that. It is pretty horrible there

    2. fwb;
      bbq place on race track road,near and opposite of cox cable


      hogs breathe-pulled pork sandich

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        Thanks tlg... I will definitley try the one in FWB and Hogs Breath when I am over in Destin (not much!)

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          We tried Hog's Breath Feb 05 and didn't think their BBQ was very good at all. Sorry, I don't know anyplace to recommend you to - but please post if you find a good one!

      2. Have you tried East River Smokehouse? It is on Hwy 87, past Sugar Loaf Cafe. My son and I ate there last week. We split a pork sandwich. It was good. They have beef, pork, chicken, sausage. It looks just like a bbq joint should. Tin roof, smoke billowing out the chimney and alot of trucks in the parking lot. Let me know what you think.

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          Hey mnags... we did try East River. It was pretty good, but still not what I am looking for. I really don't think that I am going to find it here. We did go back to GA a month ago and you better bet we ate BBQ! :)

          1. re: GAtransplant

            me and my wife have fresh air BBQ in the freezer. As a matter of fact, we'll be having that tonight. Also, it tastes alot better if you reheat it on a skillet rather than the microwave.

          2. re: mnags

            east river would be good if they didnt cut up the fat inside the pork. Me and my dad ate there and we both pulled out two big chunks or fat in our sandwich.

          3. tlg mention of a BBQ place on Racetrack - That's Kinfolk's BBQ. I love their stuff. They slowcook all day long to get it right. Do be aware that their standard sauce is a tangy yellow-red, which seems to have mustard and vinegar. I DON'T know my BBQ, but I love this stuff.


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            1. re: RickRS

              Thanks, Rick. I will have to try this one... I like the yellow based sauce. Different than what I am used to, but maybe it will hold me over until my next GA trip!

            2. Try Big Daddy's on U.S. 98 in Mary Esther. It is set back from the road and not obvious. It is on the north side of 98 between Target the light at Doolittle Road.

              I see someone suggested KinFolks on Racetrack Road, and I agree. One thing with them - it's less expensive if you take the regular items, like the white chicken dinner my wife and I usually get, instead of coming up with your own list of sides and so on.