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Aug 1, 2006 03:41 AM

Luxia or Ciro Trattoria for post theatre supper

Planning a post theatre dinner on Sunday and came across these two "geographically desirable" options around 48-49th and 8th. Italian is preferred although we're hoping to stay on the not-so-heavy selections as it is an after theatre meal. Anyone have a preference or warning on either of these two choices? I'm leaning towards Luxia, sound good? Ciao, chows.

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  1. We opted for Luxia last night for our post theatre sup. Not too many diners at 9:45 on a Sunday and we were seated in their nicely air conditioned back room, as opposed to their garden which was a lovely setting but simply too hot and humid to enjoy a late night of dining. A bit concerned that the first basket of bread brought out was not so fresh and we weren't sure if it was a harbinger of chow-trouble, however it was replaced and chowed down wish a dish of two nicely flavored spreads were provided gratis--one a nicely flavored white bean spread and the other with fresh basil. Bread was assorted, with a "should have been" crispy crusted italian--you know, the one with the light lacy dough inside with air holes that form when baking (usually a favorite when served warm with a crispy crust and slightly chewy but giving center), a multi-grain and a ciabatta. Starters were mixed: the grilled octopus salad, complimented with white beans and greens in a radicchio leaf ($12) were yummy although the flavoring was a tad salty. Do not order the crab cake appy ($12)--my fellow diner was lured by the corn flake crust but it was a disappointing choice, with two cakes having a fish cake consistency and no discernible chunks of crab--Luxia is just not the place for that. The antipasto misti ($13) was nicely portioned with the requisite meats, cheeses, asparagus, roasted peppers, olives and was quickly chowed down, as was a mixed salad with baby arugula ($9) lightly dressed with balsamic and olive oil. For entrees two of us had the grass fed filet ($30) and two had the rosemary lamb loin ($30). All were cooked as requested, very nice cuts of meat, and served with mashed potatoes flavored with truffle oil and a side of very good spinach. A reasonable and relatively inexpensive wine list and many served by the glass. We decided to forego dessert at Luxia and ended up at the Junior's over by Schubert Alley on 45th (across from Spamalot) and got an assortment of cheesecake slices--the carrot cake cheesecake and the devils choice (half cheesecake and half a rich chociolate cake) were memorable--so much for a light way to end the night. All in all, not a bad place that was geographically desirable to the theatres. Happy chowing.