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Aug 1, 2006 03:41 AM

Long Island City or Astoria - Lunch suggestions?

i have to run an errand to long island city tomorrow and thought we stop for lunch w/ my husband and my 5 yr old... wondering what you can suggest in that area... open to anything that is child friendly and not all meat as I'm not a red meat eater...


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  1. Recently I went on Tournesol restaurant on vernon blvd in long island city. It's a small french bistro the food is amazing and the waiter was very charming.

    1. sounds lovely but doensn't strike me as child friendly

      1. Sac's pizza on Broadway in Astoria is great and pizza is usually kid friendly. It's a nice atmosphere and not too pricey.

        1. Also, I forgot to mention Cup Diner, which is great. They have tons of stuff for the non-meat eaters and the kid would love it.

          1. I'd suggest Cafe Bar:
            Lots of veggie options, and very kid-friendly -- casual, lounge-y atmosphere with couches and comfy chairs in addition to table and bar seating. Service used to be slow but has improved a lot lately, and everything always tastes fresh.

            I know Cup is a popular family place but I'm always disappointed in the food. Had a great breakfast there right when it opened but it hasn't been anything special since.

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              uhm, kid-friendly if you discount all the smokers congregating outside.