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Oakland hound moving south to Newark this coming weekend. Haven't noticed anything except an all-you-can-eat buffet, a KFC, and a Taco Bell. Yikes. Any suggestions? Fremont or Union City are ok, too. I'm relying on your hopeful tips to make this a more appealing transition.

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  1. if u like sushi, Yoshi Sushi is the one...

    (510) 797-3835
    39193 Cedar Blvd. Newark, CA

    1. I used to live in fremont so I can tell you that there is almost nothing in the way of superior restaurants.
      sushi yoshi is good
      blue agave is actually really good.
      mossimos is lame
      although alot of people seem to liike spin a yarn i personally think it is disgustingly overpriced for what it is.
      i like china chili restaurant.

      but for me at least... I would drive up to oakland to get some really good food. sorry.

      but you may want to ask melanie wong cause she seems to know about alot of good off the beaten path places in the area.

      good luck.. and if you find something really good let me know.

      1. if you do a search on Newark you'll find lots of posts on Newark restaurants.
        My favorites are: Sushi Yoshi, old post I found: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/..., Lee's Tofu-Korean, Woodland's-South Indian, Melanie's post found: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/..., Udupi Palace-South Indian, Huong Lan Sandwiches-the best Vietnamese sandwiches 39055 Cedar Blvd.
        Newark, CA 94560, Chou Ma Ma's Kitchen--takeout Taiwanese food-smoked chicken in a box: Melanie's post http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

        Please report back what you tried and liked.

        1. There's lot of good food in Newark! My favorite pho in the Bay Area is at Pho Ao Sen 2.

          My gold standard for chaat locally is in Fremont's Ardenwood on the border with Newark at Chat Patta Corner.

          The Indian-style pizza at Mirchi in Fremont is so much better than Zante's that SFers get so excited about it isn't funny. The crust, the seasoning, the quality of the ingredients.

          And so much more. I had a very good time chowhounding in Newark during the four months I worked with a client in the area and ate quite well. I hope you'll be inspired to release your inner chowhound and sleuth out more of the treasure to be found there.

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            This is perfect, thanks so much for the recommendations everyone. We'll chow through your rec's asap. Hope! Yum!

          2. Melanie's list will provide you years of checking out good places in the Newark area. I just wanted to add that we went to Kioku Sushi this past weekend (in the Del Taco strip mall at Jarvis & Newark/Ardenwood) and had really good, really fresh sushi & sashimi. It's Korean run, so you get the larger than usual slices, and they have lots of those creative every kind of combination mixed together kind of rolls. So not for when you want a purely Japanese experience sitting at a bar, but great for the basics plus the fancy rolls.

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              if i go to sushi locally i usually go to Kioki, however this is important, you have to get the right sushi chef, i think his name is Haan, he really knows his stuff and does a better job overall compared to others.

            2. A vote here for Union City. Go to the shopping center anchored by the Marina market at Decoto and Alvarado Niles for a wide selection of Chinese food. There's Mayflower Seafood, as well as Little Potato and China Tofu, which have both been written up on the board, and a few others too.

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                Banyan Garden is a personal favorite of mine. It is very good Malaysian/Thai/Singaporean cuisine. :) Dare I say I think that it's better than Banana Leaf down in Milpitas? :)

                Avoid Mayflower. The food is decent but the service SUCKS.

              2. for afghan food you might wanna check out Afghan Village, pretty good kabobs and such.

                minervas has some great sandwhichs made in a pizza oven, on fremont blvd.

                Masala Grill has some good fast indian/indian chinese food, no frills, but its a good change. Its also in fremont, i dont have the address, but a local.google search should get it for you.

                and theres Pakwaan and Shalimar, hole in the wall indian restaurants, that also exist in other cities across the bay area. both are in fremont, and both are equally as good, (only take cash).

                ill update if i remember some more, welcome to the east bay/tri city

                1. just remembered My Thai is very good in fremont, their Fire spicy level is off the hook, and will get your picture on the wall

                  thai orchad in newark is also very good

                  1. I used to live in Fremont. First - for the most part the continental, califonia cuisine, is not so great. Agree with Mossimo's (sp?) we had our worst Valentine's day ever there (never mind our tiny baby who didn't like it either).

                    We loved the Indian. We like Bombay Garden when we lived there (3 years ago) for buffet style. Not all the dishes are amazing, but there is so much variety I always found something I enjoyed. Udupi Palace was good too, but I am sure there are many more Indian places we just didn't explore. Afghan food is good. We also liked City Grill for Lebanese, but I think that may have closed, but Lebanese is another cuisine to look for. For American we liked Jack's in Fremont, for burger and fries. My husband loved the slapshot burger. It's a sports eatery kind of place, but generally stick with the stuff you would expect to eat in that kind of place.

                    1. Howdy,

                      I'm a former resident of Fremont - there's plenty of good food in the area as long as you're not looking for cal-cuisine or upscale dining. Finding the good food can be tricky, however, as things are hidden in unassuming little strip malls for the most part.

                      Some of my favorites (keep in mind I rarely eat there for the past few years and things may have changed/closed/etc) were:

                      Salang Pass (Afghan)
                      37462 Fremont Blvd., Fremont
                      Nice setting, good date joint, tasty kebabs. No longer serves lamb brain appetizer, unfortunately. Pumpkin dish is great.

                      My Thai (Thai)
                      34265 Fremont Blvd., Fremont
                      Unbelievably hot if you order "Fire" heat, good grilled meats, typical Thai menu.

                      Vung Tao III (Vietnamese)
                      6092 Mowry Ave., Newark
                      Not always great service, but solid food, especailly the banh hoi and banh dap. Their grilled meats are very good. Broken rice dishes (cam tam bi) are also good. Extremely strong cafe sua dat if you like VN ice coffee.

                      My Tofu House (Korean)
                      Cedar at Mowry (in the Lion center), Newark
                      I love their kimchee beef soft tofu soup. Other dishes have been mostly good, and there are some items I don't often see at other Korean restaurants (eg. fish egg sac soup)

                      Banyan Garden (Singaporean/Malaysian)
                      1771 Decoto Rd., Union City
                      Char kway teo (stir-fried noodles) is my fav here, although I haven't had anything bad. I used to eat here a lot when I lived nearby and always left happy and full.

                      Il Porcino (Italian)
                      3339 Walnut Ave., Fremont
                      Nice mid-range Italian fare, porcini muchroom appetizer was very good, as is their tiramisu. Always playing too-loud opera, though :)

                      La Cabana (Mexican)
                      7163 Rich Ave., Newark
                      Casual family-run sit-down Mexican. I love the seafood dishes here, but haven't hated anything else I've had. I wish I knew of somewhere like it in SF.

                      Shalimar (Indian) - cash only
                      3325 Walnut Ave., Fremont
                      Grubby, noisy curry dive, but tasty food. Very busy on weekend evenings.

                      Bombay Garden (Indian)
                      5995 Mowry Ave., Newark
                      As mentioned earlier in this thread, huge buffet of N. Indian dishes, and many are pretty tasty. Nice atmosphere, sometimes with Bollywood movies projected onto the walls.

                      You may find my notes on east bay dining (mostly in/near Fremont since I lived there) helpful: www.adampaul.com/food/eastbay.shtml

                      Hope this helps,

                      1. Anyone been to Pearl's Cafe in Fremont lately? Here's a thread from last year.