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Aug 1, 2006 03:30 AM


Oakland hound moving south to Newark this coming weekend. Haven't noticed anything except an all-you-can-eat buffet, a KFC, and a Taco Bell. Yikes. Any suggestions? Fremont or Union City are ok, too. I'm relying on your hopeful tips to make this a more appealing transition.

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  1. if u like sushi, Yoshi Sushi is the one...

    (510) 797-3835
    39193 Cedar Blvd. Newark, CA

    1. I used to live in fremont so I can tell you that there is almost nothing in the way of superior restaurants.
      sushi yoshi is good
      blue agave is actually really good.
      mossimos is lame
      although alot of people seem to liike spin a yarn i personally think it is disgustingly overpriced for what it is.
      i like china chili restaurant.

      but for me at least... I would drive up to oakland to get some really good food. sorry.

      but you may want to ask melanie wong cause she seems to know about alot of good off the beaten path places in the area.

      good luck.. and if you find something really good let me know.

      1. if you do a search on Newark you'll find lots of posts on Newark restaurants.
        My favorites are: Sushi Yoshi, old post I found:, Lee's Tofu-Korean, Woodland's-South Indian, Melanie's post found:, Udupi Palace-South Indian, Huong Lan Sandwiches-the best Vietnamese sandwiches 39055 Cedar Blvd.
        Newark, CA 94560, Chou Ma Ma's Kitchen--takeout Taiwanese food-smoked chicken in a box: Melanie's post

        Please report back what you tried and liked.

        1. There's lot of good food in Newark! My favorite pho in the Bay Area is at Pho Ao Sen 2.

          My gold standard for chaat locally is in Fremont's Ardenwood on the border with Newark at Chat Patta Corner.

          The Indian-style pizza at Mirchi in Fremont is so much better than Zante's that SFers get so excited about it isn't funny. The crust, the seasoning, the quality of the ingredients.

          And so much more. I had a very good time chowhounding in Newark during the four months I worked with a client in the area and ate quite well. I hope you'll be inspired to release your inner chowhound and sleuth out more of the treasure to be found there.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            This is perfect, thanks so much for the recommendations everyone. We'll chow through your rec's asap. Hope! Yum!

          2. Melanie's list will provide you years of checking out good places in the Newark area. I just wanted to add that we went to Kioku Sushi this past weekend (in the Del Taco strip mall at Jarvis & Newark/Ardenwood) and had really good, really fresh sushi & sashimi. It's Korean run, so you get the larger than usual slices, and they have lots of those creative every kind of combination mixed together kind of rolls. So not for when you want a purely Japanese experience sitting at a bar, but great for the basics plus the fancy rolls.

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            1. re: Alice Patis

              if i go to sushi locally i usually go to Kioki, however this is important, you have to get the right sushi chef, i think his name is Haan, he really knows his stuff and does a better job overall compared to others.