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Looking for really special breakfast joints in greater Tampa Bay

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I'd love a short list of homey breakfast joints that serve their own specialties in addition to the the typical eggs-n-grits fare. For example, we discovered the Breakfast Nook in Lutz over the weekend, with banana nut pancakes that'll make you swoon. I also really like the quiche at Benedicts in Dunedin. Still, I'd like to expand my options. For example, I have yet to find the perfect homemade corned beef hash in the area. Tampa hounds, can you help me out?

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  1. Two that I love:

    Skyway Jack's, on US19 in south St. Pete. Try not to go on a weekend, as there is always a line (although it moves quickly). I can't really say they have a specialty, but if you long for scrapple, S-O-S, and old town atmosphere, you must try it.

    Beverly's Le Croisette, on the corner of Gulf Blvd and Corey Ave in St. Pete Beach. Their specialty is croissants, but I love their Benedicts - veggie benny to be specific. Served with lovely crispy greaseless home fries.

    1. The Lucky Dill on Alt 19 in Palm Harbour has decent corned beef hash. They top it off with slices of corned beef.

      1. Check out Lenny's in Clearwater, 21220 US 19 N.

        1. Special Brkfst Joints:
          First Watch - dwtwn Tampa
          Brunchery - MacDill Ave
          Pach's Place - Bay to Bay/Bayshore Blvd

          1. Just tried Pach's Place this morning. My experience was dismal. My over-medium eggs came over-easy, the home fries had spent entirely too much time piled up on the grill, and my "biscuits" were really rolls.

            A number of Tampa joints commit the latter sin, including Egg Platter. Lenny's has the real thing, as (oddly) does Steak N Shake, though you can't get real butter at SNS. It'd be nice to find good biscuits closer to SOHO than Lenny's.

            1. I second the Brunchery...and there is an omellette place off of Hillsborough...but I have no idea what the name is so I can't tell you exactly where to go.

              1. We ate at Skyway Jack's a couple years ago and the place was Dirty! Dirty! The wait for our food was long and it did not come out with all we ordered. When delivered, after seeing what was on our plates, we canceled the missing selections. Every time I drive by I can't understand why anyone would actually eat there or recommend this place. If anyone has been there recently and can vouch for its cleanliness and quality of food, please reply.

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                  Wow patken, sorry you disliked Skyway Jack's...I agree it is not the cleanest, but part of that is the AGE of the place. I would not have said "dirty dirty" (the now closed Le Teresita in Pinellas Park comes to mind). Ick. I don't blame you for disliking it! I've always gotten what I've ordered, promptly.

                  So...what are your favorites?

                2. the Tahitian Inn on Dale Mabry just north of Swann has a fairly good breakfast. La Ideal has good cuban breakfast: cafe con leche, cuban toast, scrambled eggs with swiss cheese and onions. That is the only egg choice on their menu and I think with coffee it comes to $4.