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Aug 1, 2006 02:59 AM

shrimp shell bouillon?

we have lots of shells from shrinp... what can i make with it? something simple please! thanks

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  1. Definatley you can make stock! The shells hold lots of flavour.

    Not sure how many you have but you coiuld always reduce it and use it for something like a stir fry to along with other fish/stomato stock to make a boulibaisse (sp?).


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    1. re: j2brady

      Absolutely! I just save my old shells in a bag in the freezer, when I have enough I make my stock. Then I stick the stock in the freezer for future use. Great for risottos, soups, chowders, etc.

    2. I make shrimp stock all the time. My wife thought I was nuts the first time. Then I used it in something and she foregave me. LOL


      1. I never make gumbo without using the shells to make stock. Certainly adds a great depth of flavor to gumbo and jambalaya.