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Bush-tei in Japantown

subatomic Aug 1, 2006 02:40 AM

Has anyone been to Bush-tei. Food was very tasty but the portions were subatomic in size.

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  1. r
    RBL RE: subatomic Aug 1, 2006 04:51 AM

    We've eaten there twice and had terrific meals (and great service) both times. While the portions weren't huge, we didn't leave hungry.

    It's one of those restaurants that I hope does well enough to survive but not so well that I won't be able to get in anymore.


    1. Carrie 218 RE: subatomic Aug 1, 2006 05:07 PM

      I'm also a big fan -- there is a nice amuse and with two starters (kobe beef and foie gras) and two entrees (the duck breast and the quail starter as an entree), we had no room for dessert. I highly recommend the quail and the foie gras. What was slightly bizarre was that the menu has not seemed to change; foie gras with a pumpkin puree in the SUMMER? Must be canned pumpkin, but it still tasted good. Out of the four dishes we had, the duck was the least impressive but only because the others were so stunning.

      Also, I noticed there was a change-of-ownership sign (ABC) posted in the window. Now I know that a lot of times this could simply be a re-structuring of the corporate entity without any noticeable change in management or kitchen, but I will certainly keep an eye out on that.

      Lastly, it is Bushi-Tei, not Bush-Tei.

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      1. re: Carrie 218
        Melanie Wong RE: Carrie 218 Aug 1, 2006 07:49 PM

        The next time you walk by, perhaps you could take note of the nature of the transfer of ownership, e.g., corporation, new sole proprietor.

        Bushi-Tei post -

      2. b
        blackpippi RE: subatomic Dec 16, 2007 03:24 PM

        Brunch at Bush-tei is served from 11-2 on Sunday. Top and bottom of menu have five items and you pick one item from each. Between the two of us we had: haricot verts salad with Serrano ham, crab cakes with poached eggs, frittata with boar sausage, and brioche with berries. Table is also served a plate of tiny pastries such as cinnamon rolls and croissants. Cost is a flat fee of $25. I also ordered a mimosa and the total cost with tip was $70. All the food was good to excellent and we did not leave hungry. Important things to know: 1) I’m not a lover of crowds, but we were the only people in the restaurant. 2) Definitely more lunch than breakfast. Other menu choices were: Atlantic Char, green salad, and soup of the day. If you are looking for bacon and eggs this is not the place for you. 3) Already noted here, but $70 for two for brunch???? I haven’t had dinner here, but I would have preferred to spend this money exploring the evening menu. However, if I had money to burn and I was in the neighborhood, I wouldn’t hesitate to eat here again.

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        1. re: blackpippi
          Carrie 218 RE: blackpippi Dec 17, 2007 03:44 PM

          Wow - I had no idea they did a brunch...

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