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Aug 1, 2006 02:32 AM

Globefish - Calgary

I had a great lunch today at Globefish in Calgary. I was very impresssed by their extensive lunch menu. They have lots of options for lunch combos. Most restaurants have only 4 or 5 at best....they had at least 10 maybe more. I had the Globefish roll combo with dynamite roll, california roll & spicy tuna roll. All were very good. We also had the tempura to start. It came out very quickly and was very light and tasty. Overall a very good sushi experience. Just wanted to share.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Where is it located?

    1. Globefish is on 14 St N of Kensington Rd. It used be Saigon Broadway. I reviewed it a couple of months ago. Since then, it's got good press (Herald, Gilchrist, ffwd). I like it too but right now I prefer Sushi Zeal in Kensington. I don't like Sushi Club.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Thanks John! I had lunch last week at Sushi Hiro and once again it was superb.


      2. I am an avid sushi eater headed out to try Globefish yesterday. The sashimi itself was great but the bug crawling in the greens accompanying them was not (and they charged us for it - the sashimi, not the bug). I had heard great things about the rolls but found them to be very bland and dependent on the seasame seaweed for flavour. In comparison, Misato makes fantastic rolls that stand alone, and for the same price as those at Globefish they are a feast.

        1. I have to say that I wasn't very impressed by the rolls either. Maybe it was just an off-day, but as you said, they were bland, and very poorly rolled (loose). I wasn't tempted to go back for a second chance.

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            which roll did you have? I had the spicy one w/ seared tuna inside, raw outside, and found it really delicious- the little bits of fried garlic were a great accent.

            Globefish has been very busy and I fear that it, like Towa, might end up choking on its own success. I'd suggest that the overflow try Sushi Zeal on 10 St in kensington.

            1. re: John Manzo

              it was so long ago, I can't remember exactly which rolls I had, I only retain the memory of coming away rather disappointed, but you were right about the rice: perfect texture.

          2. amhaffen:

            You mentioned that Misato is much better - where is it and what are the highlights of Misato.

            Thanks in advance.

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            1. re: JWh

              Misato is at 420, 1851 Sirocco Dr in the SW - in the same complex as the Sunterra. Their sushi is consistent (good rice) and if you like rolls the calgary special roll at 15.50 is a full meal of fish. The sushi and sashimi itself is good but pricier than some other places, whereas the rolls are a great deal.

              I cannot remember the exact names of the rolls I had at globefish - something like the cherry blossom roll and the pacific roll - the two on the bottom right of the front page of the menu. I wondered if the rice had suffered because they were so busy that night, but there just wasn't anything else redeeming about the rolls themselves.