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Aug 1, 2006 01:57 AM

The Culinary and NYC so near... where's all the eats?

This place (Hudson Valley) has so much potential... but where is it all? I have eaten all over this valley and have found very little in the way of truLY well-prepared food, and practially no interesting and creative eats. I don't get it. The Culinary is in the center of it all, local produce is amazing and NYC is so near.... Where's all the GRUB?!?!!?!

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  1. some hudson valley restaurants that imho serve interesting and creative food using local produce:

    locust tree in new paltz
    miss lucy's kitchen in saugerties
    new world home cooking in saugerties/woodstock


    1. I'm not a fan of the two Saugerties restaurants. 40 West in Rhinebeck, Depuy Canal House in High Falls and the Bear in Woodstock are good if pricey.

      1. Milky,

        I am laughing because you sound just like me. I have recently engaged in very lengthy discussions regarding this exact topic.

        1. Nonsense, nonsense. Puhlease. You want to know what's truly underwhelming? Chronically underwhlemed ho-humming hipsters, aka, "Restaurant X: Is it really worth it?" Read the threads. Better yet, walk a neighborhood, follow your nose and do a little trailblazing for the rest of us. Truth is, It's a loooong way since the culinary dark days of the Hudson Valley, the 1980s, when Michael Korda moved Upstate (read his book Country Matters for hilarious riffs on bad Upstate food, the demise of the Northeastern diner and "how to guilt your contractor into showing up on the job via coffee, guilt and donuts").

          These days, interesting, well-prepared, bust-out food abounds here -- from the dives to the high end (no, I'm not going to let you cherrypick my faves because you didn't ask nicely). Ambitious kids are hanging their shingles every week. Where? Here's an excellent starting point: Daniel Mochon's online restaurant reviews for the Poughkeepsie Journal. Anything with four food stars is worth a trip.

          Happy chowing...

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            Hi MarkP!
            I'm asking nicelym, will you share your favorite dives in the area? I'm specifically looking for anything in the Woodstock/Kingston/Rhinebeck/Saugerties area.
            I checked the link you provided, but I couldn't find a clean archive of Mochon's reviews....

            1. re: markp

              Dear markp,

              Welp, I didn't realize I didn't ask NICELY, sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I've been out of the state for a little while... the REASON I posted such a request is because I HAVE "trailblazed" this potential foodhaven and have exhausted all possibilities. I am a server and a cook and a culinary student and a regular college student. I've lived in the area for 4 years.

              While there are many odes to food-from-NYC-10-years-ago... I'm looking for some innovative, while still simple, tasty, well seasoned cuisine that you don't have to take a mortgage out in order to pay for. I actually believe that I may have tried almost every restaurant in a 30ish mile radius of Poughkeepsie. I'm not being snobby, Im being honest... there is a lack of either well-executed meals, or innovation. I'm BORED. Please forgive me. Perhaps it's because I have worked in so many of them, or because I have friends that have as well... maybe I know too much of the behind-the-scenes to really be too impressed anymore.

              But honestly, this is a humble and sincere request for some enlightenment. PLEASE reinvigorate my support and enthusiasm for a place with such un-lived potential.

              ps. Michael Korda comes to my restaurant on a regular basis. Read the books... please don't put me down with your chastizing. That's not nice, either.

            2. If you're bored, only one thing left to do... Open your own place and dazzle us with your innovation!!!

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                hahaha.. touche.
                All in good time.