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Aug 1, 2006 01:49 AM

cast iron - pre seasoned or not

So, I don't know why but we've never had a cast iron and now I'm trying to rid my house of teflon as I read more about its uncertain safeness (thegreenguide.com).

So there's not much of a price difference between the Lodge pre-seasoned and "original." if I want to be able to fry eggs within a few months, what are the thoughts.

thanks in advance as I know CI pans are discussed often.

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  1. If you're a novice, go with the pre-seasoned. The first ten-or-so times you use it, make dishes that require lots of fat: this will help you further season the pan and prepare it for "drier" cooking.

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      Check out Amazon as they seem to have the best prices on Lodge. At least that's where I got most of mine.

    2. I bought a pre-seasoned. I love it. I did it after someone on this site did a comparison between a newly bought pre-seasoned and an old well used skillet. Several different foods. It was pretty much a tie. Try doing a search, you might find the post.

      1. I recieved a Lodge Pre-Seasoned for Christmas and LOVE it! I struggled with seasoning my cast iron grill, this one has taken to seasoning like NOTHING ELSE!!


        1. Do you wash the CI pan? With soap and water? Afterwards do you have to re-season?


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            I bought the pre-seasoned pan too. You just take a plastic scrubbing brush, and clean with water. Don't use soap. Dry it thoroughly. I spray it with canola oil, then rub the light coating of oil in with a clean lint free cloth, or paper towel. I keep it in the oven when I am not using it.

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              the secret is as soon as your done cooking and the pan is blistering hot, have some hot to boiling wayer ready and poor it in the pan. Everything will come up, then simply wipe it down and oil up. Presto.

            2. you won't need to wait months until you can fry eggs in it... you'll be ready in a few weeks if that. Fry lots of fatty foods, but if you want to do eggs, just use a little more oil...