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Aug 1, 2006 01:41 AM

I Found the Tacos... Lupita's Deli. In the back of this tiny grocery store on Mamaroneck Avenue, half a block from the Boston Post Road and the Harbor they are cooking up authentic, tasty tacos with fresh herbs, onions, warm tortillas and juicy plum meat. Three for seven bucks. And you can pick up a can of iguana soup while you're at it.

My bit on the place:

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  1. Iguana soup, eh? That's interesting. I wonder if the owners of the place are from el salvador or costa rica? Or maybe just their clientele?

    Regardless, thanks for the nod to this place. I've never really spent time in that part of town. Are there lots of good places around there?

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    1. re: adamclyde

      there's another veracruz in mamaroneck (original in white plains?) on mamaroneck avenue, kind of near the center of town where the road curves sharply. great weekend specials (pozole, i think sopes only on weekends, too)

      and there is also walter's (hot dogs) and sal's (pizza)... but, since hot dogs and pizza are religions :), there's bound to be discussions/argument over how good these places are....

      1. re: cervisiam

        I didn't know Veracruz had another storefront. I've only been to the one in White Plains, on West Post Road. Thanks for the info.

        Hey, I love hot dogs and pizza, but I'm not as picky as some folks (now when it comes to tacos, that's a different story). So I'm sure I'll love walter's and sal's.

    2. walter's is great place to visit just for the building itself: it's a pagoda-shaped stand on palmer avenue (across from mamaroneck high school). it was built back in the early 1900s, and apparently the founder wanted it to look different and attract people who drove by. so it's funny bceause it looks like a former chinese restaurant, but it's always served hot dogs.

      they also serve milk shakes (great for a day like today, although it'd probably turn to milk in an instant) and some more unusual sides like fried sweet potato sticks (think mozzarella sticks but filled with sweet potato puree). lines can get insane during the lunch hour and also on weekends. you'll know you're near when cars start swerving off the road to park :)

      1. Stopped at Lupita's today on Wesfoodie's rec. The Tacos were perfect!