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Aug 1, 2006 01:31 AM

Good BBQ in Seattle?

Is there any good/authentic Southern BBQ in Seattle? I will take any style. Thanks!

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  1. Jones is good. Ribs are better than the brisket, although I usually get the brisket. Their sauce is really good, although they're of the school that dumps the sauce on before the customer sees the meat, which is too bad.

    The Pecos Pit has its adherents, but I've never been. The Steel Pig had nice crispy catfish, but we didn't really like anything else there.

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    1. re: Evan

      anyone know how jones sources its ingredients? i think their grub is great, but am scared to find out where they get their meat. it might mean never going back...

      1. re: Evan

        The thing I reallty like at Steel Pig is the pig wings. Smoked chicken wings [the whole wing, 3 parts] that are then fried. Get the sauce on the side. They are one of the best wings I 've have in Seattle.

        1. re: Evan

          Has anyone tried (or seen open) the Jones BBQ in SoDo?

          1. re: cburnsi

            The one across from the Starbucks office? I've been for weekend lunch many times.

            1. re: Lauren

              I've been for lunch a few times...the food tastes good, but I always feel terrible afterwards. I'm not sure if the 'cue is to blame or if I am...

                1. re: cstefan206

                  both - they are just 2 long blocks apart, with Pecos on First and Jones on Occidental.

                  1. re: mrnelso

                    Didn't that branch of Jones close a while back?
                    I think all that's left is the West Seattle location.

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              Another vote for Pig Iron! We got an assortment to go and were mighty happy when we got it home (as was mom-in-law, whose tastes are not as adventuresome as we kids). The counter chick was way cool, and even gave us extra sauce samplings, all labeled as to flavor. PS - don't miss Slim's Last Chance next door for a great sampling of local brews and some of the best obscure tequila -- the take-out BBQ from Pig Iron will be fine in the car while you get one @ Slim's "for the road."

              Pig Iron Bar-B-Q
              5602 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

              1. re: tartlette

                Big fan of Slim's, less a fan of Pig Iron...
                I don't know, I've always found their stuff to be a little dry...

            3. Second the Jones' recommendation. If you want pulled pork, the sandwich at Maple Leaf Grill ain't half bad, either.

              1. Try Mama Williebelle's at Lake Washington off Madrona. Summers only.


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                1. re: ssusu

                  I went and tried Mama Williebelle's last week. Wow! This place is really bad. The ribs and chicken were dry, the greens had too much vinegar, and the yams were too sweet. They need to change their catch phrase to SHO IS SLOW!!! I waited in line for 20 minutes while to girl fumbled with orders and needed things repeated to her several times before getting it right. The food took just as long to prepare.

                  1. re: bravo_one

                    Good to know. (I haven't tried it yet, but have always been intrigued....)

                2. after ardent searches and many a plate of awful stuff, it is obvious that there is simply no decent barbeque in seattle. jones is the best in town (with longhorn a close second) but that is a bit like identifying the best cajun restaurant in tel aviv...

                  1. Concur with Howard 1st - there's no good Q in this part of the world. At best you can find OK pulled pork at a few places. Run screaming from BBQ ribs or brisket in Seattle.

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                    1. re: terrier

                      Hello to the great northwest my name is big D and I'm from kansas city mo. home to the best BB'Q in the world and I just happen to be a chef and yes there is some great BB'Q in the auburn wa. area

                      1. re: soulfood123

                        Can you describe in more detail where to find "great BB'Q in the auburn wa. area", or would that amount to self-promotion which the CH authorities wouldn't approve of?