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Aug 1, 2006 01:18 AM

Atlanta Civic Center area-Kid Friendly

We're planning a trip to the Atlanta Civic Center this weekend and I was informed by my wife that we'd be joined by some friends with 3 other children plus our own child. Any lunch rec's for good kid friendly eateries in this area that aren't terribly expensive. We'd be willing to drive a little towards the east along I-85(if needed)as we are returning back to the Athens area later that afternoon. Thanks.

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  1. Hmmm...the things that come to mind are mainly pizza. I'd skip the fancy-schmancy places like Fritti or Baraonda in favor of something more accessible. Really close by there's a Johnny's Pizza in Inman Park that's around the corner from Sotto Sotto/Fritti. A little further afield is Savage Pizza in Little 5 Points with its comic-book-hero theme. Since Chowpuppies can be picky, it'd be hard to miss with either of those.

    1. Thanks Ted,
      We may try Savage Pizza with the little-ones. The website makes it look pretty good. I'll let you know.

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        FWIW, I'm a long-time fan of their chicken florentine pizza.