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Aug 1, 2006 12:39 AM

Recs for St. Charles, MO

Hello all: I'm a San Francisco 'hound and I'll be in St. Charles, MO for three days next week on business. I've never been to the area before and I'm looking for good, down-home, local, non-chain places for dinner. Nothing fancy, maybe a good BBQ place or some other local favorites would be perfect. I'll have a car and would be willing to drive a bit if it's worth it. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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  1. Main Street in St. Charles is a gem: block after block of 18th Century and 19th Century buildings. Almost all of them have been turned into tourist-oriented businesses, and there is a plethora of restaurants to choose from - very few of them down-home.

    I have enjoyed Lewis and Clark's, The Trailhead Brewery, Magpie's, the Winery of the Little Hills, and the buffet at the Ameristar Casino. Canoe is a new restaurant that looks like it would be interesting.

    Big A's is definitely not tourist-oriented, but its pork tenderloin sandwich is locally renowned.

    1. I'll second the Main Street rec. We especially like Trailhead but as I'm writing this I'm hardpressed to come up with a specific entree to suggest; we usually go for the beer!

      The Winery is especially nice on a cool evening (not that we're having any of those right now) to sit outside and people watch.

      We also like Tony's on Main; we haven't been in a while but the meals we've had there have always been good.