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Aug 1, 2006 12:26 AM

Dutchpot on Queen E jerk chicken i have ever tasted!!! and reasonable too. A small dinner with rice and peas and coleslaw, only $6. and checkout the oxtail. MMMMMMMM so yummy. Located at Queen and coxwell area. A must go!! great food...really good value too. My friend had the curry chicken roti. Rave reviews about that one. I will try on my next visit. Has anyone else been there??? You must try...and so close to the beaches!

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  1. Been going to Dutchpot a long time now, glad it's finally being discovered!! I usually have either the stewbeef dinner with rice and peas or the stew beef roti. They also carry black cake which I love, and theirs is particularly good!

    1. Been there---loved it!

      1. Definitely a chowfind... either going there or Narula's for cheap dinner tonight........

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        1. re: thenurse

          I dropped by today, and found the place closed, with a landlord's eviction notice on the door.

          1. re: guy_m

            This is so sad! Another east end Caribbean place gone!

        2. Do not despair. Dutchpot will still be around. I bumped into the owners. They have recently purchased a building and according to them there were issues revolving around renovations and them not being done as promised as well, the guy who owns the place is rumoured that he wants to open up a" gentelemen's bar" and had regretted leasing out the place to independant business people. Ah, money, the root of all evil. They advised me that dutchpot will be back and better than ever. Oh, and before i forget they mentioned that they absolutely treasure and enjoy all their customers. Apparently, they have acquired a bond with each and every one of them. They're soooooooooooo cute . I went there thinking i had money in my pocket enough to pay for my food. I ordered and i was so embarassed to find i had no money. This was on my first visit a few days ago. They gave me my food and told me i could take care of the bill next time. They didn't even know me! Well, i was hooked. They are truly genuine! Truly one of the finest Caribbean restaurants i have been too! Dutchpot , we want you BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Does everyone agree????? Pleeeeeeeeeease say yes. I just love their food!!!

          1. Please keep us posted about their new location and when they'll be open. I've been looking for a place to replace the late lamented Eazy Eats, and I was all excited when you posted about the Dutch Pot (I grew up out that way and I've past it for years without thinking about it) only to be disappointed by the sudden closing of their doors...and if the landlord tries to open a peeler join in that neighbourhood he's gonna be run out of town by the torch-and-pitchfork wielding villagers...

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            1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

              Well, the owners were happy to give me a phone number where they could be reached. According to them, they will be opening soon. Can't wait!!!! Yeah, the guy who owns the building will have a tough time bringing in some seedy bar into the area for sure!!! Hurry up dutchpot, I'm having jerk chicken withdrawal symptoms already!!!!!

              1. re: sora

                Has any one heard if they've reopened somewhere else? I really miss their food, it's so similar to the Grenadian cooking I'm used to. I keep hoping I'll hear something.