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Aug 1, 2006 12:22 AM

Southside Market! San Marcos (Austin)

In San Marcos rocks. As good as anywhere in my book. Word is he used to cook at Kreutz's and that has to be true. They have the same wonderful pork chops and really good brisket and those pickled everything packets (pickles and carrots and cauliflower and little onions) Central Texas' unique grainy sausage. Kind of the same setup as far as sides and stuff. They do have sauce though. Good beans. Closed Sundays and Mondays, call first.

2601 Hunter Rd
San Marcos, TX 78666-5112
(512) 353-0837

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. BTAustin,

      Thanks for the report. I've been meaning to try this place since I heard about it in a post from johnm, but I had yet to pass through town during its hours of operation. I'll be on the road to S.A. again next week, however, and will definitely check it out.


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        Just a quick note to share how much I’m enjoying Southwest Market in San Marcos. I stopped in one recent Saturday afternoon for a late lunch. They were really busy with locals, some of whom were coming from or going to a nearby game. So, everything was fresh. Like BTAustin, I really enjoyed their pork ribs, which were tender, meaty, and flavorful. The brisket was pretty good, too. The bark is excellent; the meat is smoky and succulent. It’s better than anything you can find in Austin or San Antonio proper, if not quite up to the standards of the top-ten classic central-Texas joints. Maybe you should try it with a slice of cheese. After I placed my order, I noticed that most of the locals were ordering it that way, presumably to make brisket sandwiches on the white bread that comes with each order.

        I've sampled a pretty good smoked pork chop there, too. And some juicy, delicious smoked chicken. The guy behind me in line today—on my second visit—recommended their sausage. He was buying 10 links for himself. Its popularity explains why they sell it by the box (25 links), hot or cold. SM's sausage is like other sausage popular in this part of the state—not really spicy, despite being called “hot,” it comes in small links. This version is not as greasy as some other ones. As for the sides, their barbecue beans were tasty—with lots of meat drippings in them—and they offer a good example of the sweet version of potato salad. (I should confess that I prefer it not so sweet.) I sampled their orange-colored barbecue sauce, too, which was interesting and well balanced. It added a tangy dimension to whatever it was used on. They offer one dessert—banana pudding—but I’ve been too full to try it yet.

        By the way, they usually have a huge refrigerated case full of RC, for any fellow fans of the cola. You can also get Big Red, some kind of orange soda, and root beer.

        There is not a lot of good 'chow between Austin and San Antonio on I-35, so I know I’ll be stopping by again. To get there from I-35, take the San Marcos exit for McCarty Road, then go west, on McCarty—towards the blue water tower. At the next traffic light, which is Hunter Road, go right (north) for about a mile. You’ll see Southwest Market on your right. The address is 2601 Hunter Road.

      2. How long has this place been around?

        1. I don't think too long. Went there today, reminded by your post MPH. Thanks! Brisket was as good as anything I've ever had, and I've been studying this subject for 25 years : ) Pork ribs approached that quality. Sausage was rocking too. Absolutely and without a doubt right up there with the Lockhart places. Were running out of everything as closing approached though so watch out....

          1. Southwest Market is great. It's been around since around '98 if I remember correctly. The owner was one of the main cooks at Kreuz's and got fed up during the family feud and bought out Woody's BBQ in San Marcos.

            It's BYOB so feel free to pick of a sixer of Shiner and bring it in.