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Jul 31, 2006 11:48 PM

3 nights in Montreal - need to choose from 5 choices

My fiance and I are planning our first trip together - and this will be our first time to Montreal. This website has been a tremendous help to us while planning our meals. So many of restaurants sound wonderful and we're looking for some advice on how to narrow down our choices. We have three nights there and our from our reasearch have chosen five options: APDC, Joe Beef, LCC&P, Brunoise, and Les Montees.

Having lived in NYC for 3+ years, we're somewhat spoiled by the options here. We're looking for great food, ambience plays a lesser role for us, and we'd love to find places that you don't have in NYC. While we're comfortable spending $$$ on a meal, we want it to be worth breaking the bank for. We're also hoping for one lower cost dinner (~50 pp before alcohol, tax, and tip) while we are there. Location doesn't matter. Any other suggestions are welcome.

We'll be going at the end of August, and will post back about our experiences. Thanks!!

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  1. Joe Beef will be closed for vacation during the last two weeks of August.

    1. Au pied de Cochon will certainly give you a uniquely Montreal experience. I suggest you go there and Brunoise...

      1. Those are some fine choices indeed. La Montee de Lait will give you the best bang for your buck gastronomically.