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Jul 31, 2006 11:27 PM

Vegetarian in Cambridge/Somerville

What is the nicest vegetarian restaurant in the Cambridge/Somerville area? I would like to buy someone a gift certificate for an anniversary dinner. Thanks.

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  1. The place that comes to mind immediately is Oleana. Not a vegetarian restaurant per se, but their vegetarian tasting menu is so inventive and memorable, your friends will really appreciate this gift.

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      What kinds of things do they offer on the vegetarian tasting menu?

      1. re: pamalamb

        Here's the Oleana menu as last updated on their website...choice of 5 Mezze and dessert.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Just a note, when I was there about two years ago, I did not pick the dishes, the kitchen had it pre-set. It was fabulous, but I did not select the food.

    2. When Ana was at Casablanca, I invited vegetarian friends there because I could rely on her to provide an wonderful meal, with or without meat. I have to get to Oleana more often. It is only a cab ride away! Ah we become slaves to t-lines.

      Great recommendation!

      It you were looking for something a bit more everyday, I would have suggested Veggie Planet at Club Passim in Harvard Square. Didi Emmons is one of the owners and she is a master of vegetarian cuisine.

      1. Tamarind Bay in Harvard Sq.
        Namaskar in davis sq. (especially since Gujarati food is primarily vegetarian)

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          Woops, forgot to mention that both these Indian places serve meat; but the vegetarian options are great.

        2. I think Oleana's tasting menu (chef's choice) is excellent and its certainly in a different league than Veggie Planet. Although I did not order it, the vegetarian option at Rendezvous sounded very appealing and looked more so when I saw it delivered to another table -- a newer restaurant that appears to be taking vegetarian serious. Upstairs on the Square usually offers a vegetarian tasting menu too. Casablanca is a good choice for something more casual. Veggie Planet is bearable, but for me its more to get priority seating at Passim.

          1. I renetly took a vegetarian friend to Helmand in Cambridge and she was in heaven. I realized later that most of what I ate was vegetarian too although I hadn't realized it at the time (they have both meat and veggie offerings). Oleana is also very good with perhaps a slightly nicer room. You couldn't go wrong with either though.

            Here's a menu from Helmand although the prices are a bit out of date (I think apps were $1 more and mains $2 more).