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sports bar with good food?

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just about to begin my cali trip on friday (with all of your great suggestions from a prior post) and i need help on one more thing.

hubby and i are big sports fans. There is a college game saturday afternoon and a pro game sunday afternoon that we would like to see while we are in San Francisco.

What I need is a sports bar (probably with satelite/Direct TV - both games are east coast games) anywhere in San Fran with good food. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

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    1. Sfgate has a listing of SF sports bars (see below) that is by no means complete. But stay away from Jillian's at all costs!!! And throw in just about every other Union Square place for good measure.

      Zeke's is where a local Ohio State alumni group meets to watch games. Close to Pac Bell, but it can be empty at times. Food seems to be purely deep fryer or chili.

      Pat O'Shea's on Geary in the Richmond has good food but its location is not that exciting. On the plus side, there are at least three other Irish-type pubs (Abbey, Ireland's 32, Plough and Stars) within walking distance so the location is actually pretty good.

      You may want to try the Bayside in the Marina.

      I'd like to hear what others think about Perry's in the Marina for watching sports.

      Link: http://www.sfgate.com/eguide/music/ba...

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        any clue if any of the places have the nfl ticket/direct tv? we'll be looking for the eagles game on sunday and i'm sure that the local stations out there won't have it they will have regional coverage.

        Same goes for the college game (sorta) it's psu/bc, and it's 8pm eastern time, so it might be national

        thanks again for all the suggestions!

        1. re: nittany

          If you are an Eagle fan, you will love the Kezar Pub. It is full of loud fans that come to see every game, which is usually on one of the two big screens. They also show Every other game, as well as any college game that you want to see.

          Food is standard pub food, not great, but works.


          1. re: cctut

            sounds perfect, always fun to watch with other fans!

            I'll make sure to report back :)

            1. re: cctut

              Some people have complained about "attitude" by the staff and some customers at Kezar but it may be that they're not the sports bar type or are overly sensitive.

              Pint prices are a bit steep at $5+tip.

            2. re: nittany

              Too bad you're not a Steelers fan, or I'd recommend Giordano Bros., which serves the delicious Pittsburgh Primanti-style sandwiches. It's a fun PA-loving bar right in the heart of North Beach. I bet they'll be showing the PSU game.

              Pete's Tavern on King does have the NFL ticket. It's a huge sports bar with decent food. If you are willing to wander over to the East Bay, Berkeley's Pyramid Brewery & Alehouse a good place for college and pro football. The food is better there and they have great beers on tap. Finally, there's Harry's Bar in the Marina. They have the ticket and multiple TV's. Food's not bad.

              Giordano Bros
              303 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

            3. re: go bears

              Did Pat O'Shea's re-open?

              1. re: bernalgirl

                When did it shut down?!?

                I haven't been by there yet this year (football season has yet to begin) so that's a big surprise. The website is still up but I haven't called.

                1. re: go bears
                  Richie Richmond

                  Pat O'Shea's is FOR SURE not open. It closed down maybe almost a year ago now, or a little less.

                  According to my neighborhood bar scene source there was some cooking the books and doing funny things w/ tax money etc.

            4. How about Jullian at Metreon? The good is one notch above sports bar food. Hugh wall of TV. I love watching football games there.

              1. How about Jullian at Metreon? The good is one notch above sports bar food. Hugh wall of TV. I love watching football games there.

                1. it's more of a dive bar with televisions than a sports bar, but i still think about how blown away i was by the quality of the food at the broken record

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                  1. re: vulber

                    Nick's Tacos on Irving near 19th Ave.

                    1. re: vulber

                      I didn't think Broken Record showed sports, or anything else on TV. All I've seen in the back restaurant are silent movies and kung fu flix with the sound turned off

                      Broken Record
                      1166 Geneva Ave, San Francisco, CA

                      1. re: chuckl

                        the people who run the place are pretty chill, i can't imagine they'd turn down a request to watch sports

                        1. re: vulber

                          I'm sure the good folks at Broken Record would be cool, and I'd be fine with it, but I'm not sure its the sports atmosphere the OP is looking for

                          Broken Record
                          1166 Geneva Ave, San Francisco, CA

                    2. Kezar Pub is pretty good, has the right atmosphere. Food is average pub grub, beer is on the pricey side and mostly the usual suspects, though if you go, try Death and Taxes. Pete's Tavern is pretty good and the food is a little better than Kezar, and they have lots of TVs, so you should be able to find the game you're looking for. Across the street at Publick House might be your best bet for food and beer selection. They have lots of TVs too, not sure about the NFL ticket, but I'd be surprised if they didn't have it. You might also try The Republic in the Marina.

                      Kezar Pub & Restaurant
                      770 Stanyan St, San Francisco, CA

                      Pete's Tavern
                      128 King St, San Francisco, CA

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                      1. re: chuckl

                        I'm not sure I've ever been to Kezar sober, but I have enjoyed the buffalo wings when I've been there. I have no clue as to whether they have good food in general, but regular style buffalo wings are surprisingly difficult to come by in SF and they do a decent job.

                        1. re: ...tm...

                          maybe I'm just getting tired of too much deep fried food, but last time I was at Kezar to watch the World Cup, I managed to hold off eating until after the game and drove a few blocks over to Alembic, which has very good food for about the same prices, plus better beer in general.

                        2. re: chuckl

                          I'd have to agree on the Kezar wings. Best in the city as far as I've known and that's 12 years in SF. They're most representative of the East Coast style wings with the red hot sauce, crispy texture. They delicious. The beer is certainly pricey, but they have tons of TVs and it's in a fun neighborhood (the Haight). As previous poster said, Alembic is right around the corner and they have great mixed drinks and a good beer selection...

                          1. re: darogo

                            Kezar is also a hockey friendly bar, which is hard to find in SF. Story behind the wings is that a line cook who was working his way across America gave them the recipe. He'd started in Buffalo in the same place that created the famous wings.

                            I even took a friend from Buffalo there, he was jonesing for hockey, beer, and wings. Even he said they were very good, high praise indeed.

                            1. re: cosmogrrl

                              When discussing hockey and wings you must be more specific. Buffalo chicken wings, vs Detroit Red Wings.

                              1. re: wolfe

                                Buffalo wings. Don't like Detroit Red Wings. But there are a lot of Detroit fans at Kezar.

                        3. Opening this week with tacos, burritos and other stuff by AT&T park.
                          Pedro's Cantina is a brick and timber behemoth seating 478 on two levels, with 22 high-def, 50-inch plasmas.
                          I am assuming most of those will be tuned to sports.