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any good beer stores around the los feliz area??

hello, i'm new to the area and looking for more harder to find beers like aventinus. come to think of it, ive never seen just a store out here solely devoted to beer, what's up w/ that? tia

p.s. beer is food!

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  1. Doesn't Silverlake Wine Co. have a selection of better beers? Or there's always Trader Joe's.

    1. yeah i'm at t.j.'s practically on a daily basis, and am looking for something different (although they have a great selection). thanks for the info about the wine store tho

      1. Cap N' Cork on Hillhurst and Prospect has a good beer selection. A little pricey.

        1. Though it's in highland park, galco's is worth a stop since their selection of beer (and soda and candy) is amazing.
          also, i've been told that the sandwiches they serve at the back are "delicious" but i don't totally trust the reporter so can't verify that aspect.

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            Galco is also square in the middle of one of the best regional Mexican food corridors in LA (York). You have Huarache Azteca, the EL Pique taco truck, Antojitos Guerrero just blocks away from Galco. I can't go to Galco and not have a huarache at Huarache Azteca or an Al pastor taco at El Pique.

          2. Red Carpet out in Glendale. They have tons of booze, wine AND beer. Knowledgable, too. Also, dare I say it, the BevMo on Arroyo Seco @ the end of the 110 in Pasadena. I hate chains, but they got some good stuff.

            1. Topline at 4718 San Fernando Road in Glendale also has a decent selection of beers, although wine and spirits tend to be the largest focus of the place. Very good prices, however.
              Definitely second Silver Lake Wine Co. on Glendale Blvd. near Silver Lake Blvd. Not a wide selection, yet ones you will not find too many other places.

              1. Thre best selection (about 300 beers on the menue) is at the restaurant Good Microbrew on Sunset and Lucille They have two of my favorites, Casta and Fat Tire.

                For the best combo of price and selection: Trader Joes (any of them)on Hyperion/Glendale at Rowena

                World Market on Glendale Ave at California in Glendale has a great selection

                Silverlake wine is great for wine but they have a very small beer collection and I think it all comes from Trader Joes down the street

                All are conveniently located in or near the Los Feliz area

                1. I agree with emceenuggets, Cap 'n Cork on Hillhurst and Prospect has a good beer (and wine) selection, but is little pricey. Used to live in the area. I think they're staying open a little later these days.

                  1. sweet, thanks guys! i better find what i want after all these suggestions!

                    1. Head out to highland park - Galco’s Soda Pop Stop - Sooo much beer to choose from. One of the best selections in the LA area hands down. If it has fizz or foam they'll have it. Oh, you can still get candy cigarettes.

                      1. and another thing...the sandwiches are not good.


                        1. Also good is Silverlake Liquor, across from the 7-11 and Michelangelo's on Silverlake BLVD. New owner took over a year ago, and has really brought it upscale. Nice selection of domestic micros and imports, and Wednesday is Beer night, meaning 10% off. Very friendly staff, too.