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Sandwiches in San Diego

Can you guys tell me where your favorite sandwich shops are in San Diego. I really like the Chalkboard Cafe and Sully's in PB. I'm also interested in hearing about spots that make poboys, and spots that make philly steak sandwiches. Thanks in advance for your recs. This forum is really informative!

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  1. I like the Cheese Shop, I usually go to the one in the La Jolla Shores Area. I recommend the lamb sandwhich or the roast pork loin. I tried La Torta on Cass in PB the other day and it was good too.

    1. Chronic Smoothie on Turquoise has good sandwiches w/ Boars Head meat. For a Philly try Gaglioni Bros. by the sports arena. Malibu Chicken at EZ Jay's is solid. Cheese Shop in LJ is great. There are also good options downtown (Mona Lisa, Grab n' Go, Bud's Louisiana). Have you tried the Vietnamese Sandwich "Bahn Mi"? If not get one asap. There is a place just past Lamont on Garnet.


      1. K Sandwiches, Linda Vista - Banh Mi (Vietnamese French sandwiches)

        Capriottis, Hillcrest - East-coast chain with very tasty Italian subs

        Gotham City Pizza, Golden Hill - Philly cheese steaks on Amoroso rolls

        Blue Water Grill, Mission Hills - great fish sandwiches

        Bread and Cie, Hillcrest - great sandwiches, on great bread

        The Wit's End, Hillcrest - pot roast, meatloaf, made-to-order egg salad, and chicken salad are exceptional.

        Liars' Club, Mission Beach - Fuego steak melt is one of my favorite sandwiches around. Great beer selection as well. The seared Ahi tuna sandwich is also very good.

        1. Burros El Gordo in Chula Vista on Palm Ave. b/w the 5 and 805. Associated with Tacos El Gordo. The place specializes in tortas and burritos. The adobado torta is worth a 30 minute trip.

          1. the Board and Brew in Del Mar is popular w/ students and surfers. I haven't been for a while, but they made good submarine sandwiches.

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              I agree, board and brew in del mar is delicious! I usually get the turkey delight sandwich with an arnold palmer, sit outside and enjoy the weather and the food. Their sweet and sour dressing in the sandwich along with sunflower seeds make this place very unique. One thing about this place is the service pretty much sucks consistently, I never had good service there. Seems like the owner or manager is never around.

              Cheese shop I can't really say much for, tried it twice and their sandwich never tasted very good, wasn't much harmony with the ingredients and the service also sucks there because all the college or high school students work there.

            2. La Torta in PB for great tortas

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                Solid recomendation, try the Super Natalia, it is out of control.

              2. I used to be a big fan of La Torta in PB. Since the place has gone up for sale, the quality has taken a nose dive. The home fries that were once served, seasoned w/ salt and pepper have been replaced with soggy, frozen Sysco fries. The quality of meat has also slipped. The sliced "deli" style meat has way too much water content, turkey is overly moist, make that wet. The only thing that has remained consistent is the tortilla soup, and salsa. After the first bad exp. I returned twice, to rule out the "bad day" effect, but they have lost me as a customer. Sad to see a good place slide.


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                  The last time I was there (six weeks ago) everything was as good as the years before. I wasn't aware that the place is for sale. Since when ?

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                    Good news perhaps. Did they go back to the round cut skin on potatoes? I've seen it up for sale in the Beach and Bay press as well as LJ Light over the last 6+ months.


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                      I had the same fries as before (round cut skin on potatoes).

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                        Thanks for the info, going to give them another shot. Before La Torta opened there was a Greek/Mexican/American joint there, anyone remember the name?


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                    I was just there for lunch...the Torta's and fries were excellent!

                  3. I second the Cheese Shop, except I've only been to the one downtown. I'm partial to their chicken salad. Very simply done, with chunks of chicken, and not too "wet". There's also a pretty good little place on First Avenue downtown called Mixon's Liquor (between Ash and Beech) that also has a deli. Not much to look at, ambiance leaves a bit to be desired, interesting clientele sometimes, but their sandwiches are yummy.

                    I'm sorry to hear about La Torta in PB. I wonder if the one in La Mesa has also suffered the same fate.

                    1. The Spicy Chicken Melt sandwich at Chez Nous (Carroll Canyon road immediately East of I-15) is hard to beat!

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                        Funny - was just thinking how I needed to add Chez Nous to my list. The spicy chicken melt is very good. I also like the leg of lamb sandwich.

                      2. Con Panne rustic bakery in Point Loma, the corner of Rosecrans and Canyon. Excellent sandwiches.

                        1. A place that has great "gourmet" type sandwiches is the little cafe by the sculpture garden between the Old Globe and the art museum in Balboa Park. It has very pleasant covered, open air seating, and they have good sandwiches (and a good cup of gazpacho last time I was there).

                          Grab & Go is pretty good for what it is, although the bread's a little squishy. The Tunisian (tuna w/ olive oil & capers) & the Italian Village are my favorites.

                          And we haven't even gotten into the fish sandwich category!

                          There's a philly cheesesteak place on University near Florida, I think. Anyone tried it?

                          I've heard the sandwiches are very good at Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria.

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                            That little cafe is supplied by Waters Fine Catering. Of course, the sculpture garden is a very pleasant place to eat. But Waters makes the same sandwiches . . . and more . . .at their take out place off of Morena Blvd.

                            The sandwiches are made fresh to order on Morena, whereas they are premade for the park location. The Morena location lacks ambience, but it is definitely my favorite place to get sandwiches in San Diego.

                          2. Whole foods has DELISH sandwhiches. there tuna salad is DOPE. id put whole foods up against any place in SD.

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                              i agree - i really like their tuna and the Caprese sandwich. Good bread.

                            2. The Cafe at the Sculpture Garden in Balboa Park is run by Waters Catering, which also sells the same sandwiches out of their store-front near Morena Boulevard. It's around the corner from Arizona Tile on a little side street. Great take out too!

                              I drove by the La Torta in La Mesa last night and it was empty. I don't know if it was closed or just being remodeled. It will be too bad if it has gone out of business because Downtown La Mesa really needed it - not too many good places to eat down there.

                              For sandwiches, I like Con Pane in Point Loma, Bread & Cie, Girard Gourmet and the Cheese Shop - which I think is the best traditional deli in town. I usually go to the LJ Shores location. For sit-down deli sandwiches, DZ Akin's in La Mesa is also good.

                              Believe it or not Vons also makes great deli sandwiches - fresh to order. I go to the one in La Jolla fairly often.

                              I don't know of very many places that make po boys or Philly Cheesesteaks. A long time ago, I had a good shrimp po boy at the Cheesecake Factory, but I'm not sure if it's even still on the menu anymore.


                              1. For Po Boys you might want to try Bud's on Kettner. It's located next door to Waterfront Bar

                                1. My favorite cheesesteak by far is Alex's Brown Bag. 2550 Fifth Ave, suit 171 S.D. 92103. Great made to order cannolis too. (If you fill the shells ahead of time they get soggy.)