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Jul 31, 2006 11:16 PM

Sandwiches in San Diego

Can you guys tell me where your favorite sandwich shops are in San Diego. I really like the Chalkboard Cafe and Sully's in PB. I'm also interested in hearing about spots that make poboys, and spots that make philly steak sandwiches. Thanks in advance for your recs. This forum is really informative!

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  1. I like the Cheese Shop, I usually go to the one in the La Jolla Shores Area. I recommend the lamb sandwhich or the roast pork loin. I tried La Torta on Cass in PB the other day and it was good too.

    1. Chronic Smoothie on Turquoise has good sandwiches w/ Boars Head meat. For a Philly try Gaglioni Bros. by the sports arena. Malibu Chicken at EZ Jay's is solid. Cheese Shop in LJ is great. There are also good options downtown (Mona Lisa, Grab n' Go, Bud's Louisiana). Have you tried the Vietnamese Sandwich "Bahn Mi"? If not get one asap. There is a place just past Lamont on Garnet.


      1. K Sandwiches, Linda Vista - Banh Mi (Vietnamese French sandwiches)

        Capriottis, Hillcrest - East-coast chain with very tasty Italian subs

        Gotham City Pizza, Golden Hill - Philly cheese steaks on Amoroso rolls

        Blue Water Grill, Mission Hills - great fish sandwiches

        Bread and Cie, Hillcrest - great sandwiches, on great bread

        The Wit's End, Hillcrest - pot roast, meatloaf, made-to-order egg salad, and chicken salad are exceptional.

        Liars' Club, Mission Beach - Fuego steak melt is one of my favorite sandwiches around. Great beer selection as well. The seared Ahi tuna sandwich is also very good.

        1. Burros El Gordo in Chula Vista on Palm Ave. b/w the 5 and 805. Associated with Tacos El Gordo. The place specializes in tortas and burritos. The adobado torta is worth a 30 minute trip.

          1. the Board and Brew in Del Mar is popular w/ students and surfers. I haven't been for a while, but they made good submarine sandwiches.

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              I agree, board and brew in del mar is delicious! I usually get the turkey delight sandwich with an arnold palmer, sit outside and enjoy the weather and the food. Their sweet and sour dressing in the sandwich along with sunflower seeds make this place very unique. One thing about this place is the service pretty much sucks consistently, I never had good service there. Seems like the owner or manager is never around.

              Cheese shop I can't really say much for, tried it twice and their sandwich never tasted very good, wasn't much harmony with the ingredients and the service also sucks there because all the college or high school students work there.