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Jul 31, 2006 10:55 PM

Feeney's - Central Phoenix

We have eaten at Feeney's at 12th Street and Maryland many times and I'd like to share our experiences. Years ago it was the old Cork N'Cleaver and it still looks pretty much the same. 3 or 4 separate room and a separate bar. (The bar is always packed with regulars watching a sporting event on TV) This truly is a neighborhood joint but they have really good food at moderate prices. They have a very fresh salad bar and a huge menu. We go for the choice, center-cut filets cooked perfectly over an open fire by the salad bar.($29.95 I think) The meal comes with your choice of soup or salad bar, potato or vegetable and the finest, warmest rye and punpernickel bread - to die for! They are also known for their fresh fish selections and a large appetizer menu. Our friends always get the excellent grilled salmon. For the 2 of us we had 2 drinks and our meal and with tax and a 20% tip, the total was $89.00. We had plenty of good quality food and it canot be beat for the value. Enjoy!

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  1. I used to live down the street from Feeney's. It was a great place to go have a steak and not pay $$$, and you get the full meal. It's so driven by regulars - you appreciate it and the neighborhood it sits in.

    Their prime rib is pretty good too.


    1. Love Feeney's! It is a great lil' neighborhood joint. Better than the average bar food and everyone is super friendly!

      1. I had lunch there a few weeks back. Louie is still running the joint. It so reminds me of the stereotypical '70's beef and brew type restaurants, right down to the huge salad bar.
        Little worse for wear, but hey it's food that matters.
        Very good quality, place was packing a lot of (older) people in!