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Jul 31, 2006 10:50 PM

Group dining in Sea

Any recos for a good place for a group of 12 loud ladies in the Seattle area? A place that has a separate room for groups is ideal, so we don't disturb others. Middle of the road price range. Someone suggested BluWater on Greenlake, but I don't think they accomodate groups well. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Private rooms:

    the bar at Union (can be reserved for groups, and bar menu is $8 per dish)

    upstairs at Maximiliens (if you like fresh air)

    Cascadia (most swanky)

    1. Dahlia, Tulio, Brasa, Wild Ginger and Flying Fish all have private spaces for groups of that size but they probably are on the upper end of your desired price range. Two places that don't get much respect on this board but that are pretty popular (and would be comparable with BluWater, I would think) are Icon Grill and Union Square Grill, which both have private rooms for groups where you could be as loud as you like. El Portal at 5th & Wall also has several private rooms, and a lively atmosphere (and great margaritas!).

      1. I would also suggest Tango. We had a private party there - we pre-set the menu. Not too expensive. The acoustics in the room make it pretty loud. Icon Grill is another fun choice. Also Palace Kitchen. Have fun.

        1. although i generally do not like chain operations, the pope's room at buca di beppo on westlake is perfect for 12, the food is decent and cheap (i particularly like their garlic bread and vegetable side dishes) and noise is encouraged; it's an ideal party place.

          1. Palace Kitchen has a private room and in fact only takes reservations for groups >6. It's also lively and not too expensive.