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Jul 31, 2006 10:47 PM

greek in the teens or 20's

has anyone been to the new greek place -- high teens or 20's near park? can't remember the name. thanks.

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    1. Barbounia on Park Ave So and 20th? Was there a really ugly chandelier?

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      1. re: tamasha

        lol! what is up with that chandelier?! it is so out of place.

        but they have a good brunch.

      2. I went there for lunch during restaurant week with some colleagues and everything was delicious- saganaki, skate, chicken, chocolate bread pudding. yum. Sometimes it's hard to gauge from special menus, but I would receommend it and am thinking of going back again soon.

        1. I second Barbounia. Had a surprisingly good meal there a couple of weeks back.