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Recommendations for lunch in Watertown, cannot decide!

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Going to lunch tomorrow with another very experienced hound and looked over past posts regarding food in Watertown. We were thinking about Jasmine for Iranian versus La Casa de Pedro, Molana and Demos...I know that they are all different ethnicities but which is the BEST????

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  1. I admit that I am not a fan of Molana, and I have not yet been to Jasmine. I tend to go back time and time again to The Deluxe Town Diner and Strip T's. Both serve excellent lunch food, both salads and sandwiches. I haven't been to Sepal's for a while, and I have heard rumors that it has closed, but if they are open, I can vouch for their excellent falafel.

    1. Of the four, I would most strongly recommend Demos, which is one of my most beloved local restaurants and a source of good old-fashioned comfort food. Nothing like a good ripping-hot moussaka.

      1. I like Molana better than Jasmine, but would vote for Demos and Casa de Pedro over those. I also like Strip-T's, mentioned above, and Matilda's has great sandwiches. It really depends what kind of mood you're in. I would vote for either Matilda's or Casa de Pedro (have the flan!)

        1. This is really an apple and orange comparison, but I would go to Casa de Pedro. It's excellent food served in a pretty setting. Demos is good for what it is but is more downscale (not a bad thing). The kebabs are really good and great value but there are better kebabs in town. Molana is good too but I was recently blown away by Kolbeh of Kabobs in Cambridge for Persian food and don't think Molana compares well to it. Sepals is indeed closed.

          1. Thanks for the responses, I cannot wait to try a few of them. My plans changed and we're going more locally to Chun Ki Wa (I live on the N.Shore) in Medford. I will try one of the suggestions on my next trip to Russos and Arax etc.!!

            1. Let us know what you think of Chun Ki Wa. I've walked by it a few times (on the way to Chili Garden) and have always wondered how it is.

              1. I've been several times and have posted about it a few. Since there is only the Korean Barbeque in Burlington nearby, I like Chun Ki Wa. I prefer the bulgogi in KB because I think that Chun Ki Wa's is very sweet but the other meats I've had have been great and their panchan is usually very good. Today, I specifically asked for Korean panchan as I realized last visit that they were serving us "American" version. I had the pork belly with kimchee and fresh tofu (forget the Korean name) and my dc had Abalone congi. Waitress was surprised by both our orders and we had to insist it was what we wanted. This frustrates me!!!!
                Both dishes were good but mine wasn't as good as the Korean place in Brighton...again the name thing!
                Sushi here has been fair, once I had toro that was completely cut wrong and should have sent it back but didn't. I did notice that that day it was a different sushi chef than usual and I should have spoken up.
                Aromatherapy, have you been lately???

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                  Nope, afraid not. This might be the night for cold noodles, though. What American panchan?

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                    Second to last time I was there with my youngest pup, I saw all of this interesting looking panchan going out that I did not have. The patrons were Asian. I asked the waitress what they were getting and she said "oh Korean panchan"...so today I asked for Korean, not American. Have to say that there was only one new item-seaweed with cucumber that I had not had before and the bean sprouts had more veg. in them, they were great! I like all of the panchan so I don't know...when my friend ordered the Abalone she kept asking him if he was sure and he used to eat it all of the time in New Zealand...I finally said "yes! He is well versed and eats EVERYTHING!"