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Jul 31, 2006 10:40 PM

hayes valley: groceries, produce, and inexpensive restaurants?

Moving soon to Hayes Valley, near the corner of Hayes & Gough. I'm looking forward to the short walks to Blue Bottle, Citizen Cake, and Heart of the City farmers' market. What else are hounds' favorite groceries, produce sources, and cheap eats in the Hayes Valley area?

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  1. It's sad news that Dottie's True Blue Cafe won't be opening a second location in Hayes Valley and will sell that property. The original at 522 Jones Street continues to feed the masses.
    -Keep us posted as you discover your new 'hood.

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    1. re: Cynsa

      I was SO looking forward to this addition!
      Maybe they'll decide to move to my neighborhood instead? I can always dream can't I?

    2. I like the burgers at Flippers, especially the turkey burger with spinach and feta. You get a big plate filled with salad, fries and burger and it's a pretty good deal. They have a nice outdoor patio.

      1. Zola? is that the name? the place in the motel.
        Zoya! i liked it when i went for lunch. my freinds used to live over there and we would treat ourselves to fancy lunch there. It was nice. i enjoyed it, but i haven't been in a while. so i can't say as to whether the quality is still good.

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          I like Moishe's, Arlequin, and Suppenkuche.

        2. David,

          I disagree with the recommendation of Flipper's unless it's improved markedly in the last year. Quite possibly the slowest lunch service in the mid-town area; how can it take over 1/2 hour to make a burger?

          I'll second Suppenkuche though; if you stick to soup and salad you can have a fantastic German meal and a great German beer for less than $25, total. Fancier stuff is a bit more.

          If you like crepehouses, the one on Gough is above-average and the owners are very nice. I'm not wild about crepe houses myself, overexposure.

          Two of the best options for cheap eats in the neighborhood, Viccolo's and Pendragon Bakery, are sadly long gone. Also, my wife tells me that Frijtz's Belgian fries have gone pale and soggy ... making one wonder how long they have left to run.

          The Guardian likes Patxi (the Chicago Pizza joint) and the tea house at Laguna & Hayes, but I've not been to either one.

          If you can get in on a non-Opera night, Cafe Della Stelle has a variety of unusual Italian dishes at reasonable middle prices ... they've kept the same prices for the last 7 years, turing what used to be a moderate night out into a bit of a bargain. Especially when you consider that the delicious tomato pesto and made-there bread is free with the meal. However, avoid their spillover restaurant, Stelline, as well as the bland overpriced taqueria in the vicinity.

          Also, skip Max's Opera Cafe in the Opera Plaza unless you're a big fan of quantity over quality.

          If you are willing to cough up some dough to get absolutely stuffed, you can't do better (at least not as a meat eater) than Espetus, the Brazillian steakhouse at Haight & Market. It's something like $45 per person but that's all-you-can-eat in an I-don't-want-breakfast-or-lunch-the-next-day kind of way.

          Oh, also Jay's (Page & Octavia) is good for an inexpensive (if unimaginitive) breakfast/brunch/lunch, expecially if you feel like lingering over the large collection of magazines & newspapers she stocks.

          1. I would skip Cafe delle Stelle and Stelline around the corner. Go to Il Borgo at Fell and Laguna. Bolognese, Carbonara, and Lasagnetta are excellent.

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              Really? Can anyone else speak to this? I've wondered about Il Borgo.

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                Il Borgo has wonderful appetizers and pastas - i hear their pizza is great as well. The meat dishes were a little disappointing, but still delicious and filling.