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Jul 31, 2006 10:12 PM

North Park Produce in San Diego -- Good finds

My father, visiting for the weekend, found some good stuff at North Park Produce:
Fresh garbanzo beans. Like fava beans, you have to shell them. We cooked them with olive oil and garlic. Had a green pea flavor. Very good, a lot of work. (They also have green almonds in produce)
In the jam section, he found young walnuts in syrup. These are beautiful sliced, you could make some interesting pastry with them.

We also like the kebab meat, seasoned ground lamb? Makes flavorful burgers.
Good Mediterranean style cucumbers. What they called an Afghani melon, the sticker called a Sharlynne. Crunchy, somewhat sweet.
We bought the green coffee beans once and roasted them on the stovetop. Fun, but I'll stick to Peet's.
They always seem to have lamb testicles in the meat section, if that's your thing.

What else have you found here that I might not have noticed?

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  1. I go there for Bulgarian feta (special for my in-laws; vey mild and creamy. they stock 5 or 6 different fresh fetas), lutenitsa and peppetizer spreads (Bulgarian imports), frozen samosas, cheap puff pastry, sliced sausages from the deli counter, inexpensive tomatoes and red peppers for roasting in large quantities, greek yogurt...they've helped me to really expand my cooking repertoire with acess to middle eastern and indian ingredients.

    1. I use to go to north park all the time, until I found a new store that is similar and much more clean and prices are better :)

      It's in Poway, CA called Laloush International
      for better information go to

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        Do you know the address? Their website doesn't list one.

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          It is listed on the "contact us" section of the website.

          12845 Poway Road

          First time poster...

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            sorry... I will get the hang of this :)