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Jul 31, 2006 10:00 PM

Peter Lugers

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Peter Lugers......ANOTHER NY myth. What is that tableside carving all about? I stopped needing to have my meat cut up when I was 4 years old. When I order a Porterhouse I want it served on a plate bone and all. The Creamed Spinach was very good. The steak was no better that many others I have had and not as good as some. Very little if any of the Funky flavor dry aged beef should have.

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  1. At least go to the restaurant before you bash it. Peter Lugers doesn't carve the meat tableside.

    1. Tableside carving? at Lugers? You've obviously never been there.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Well, as pointed out by other posters here, your description of your Peter Luger's meal is at odds with the way it's done and has been done for many a year. Luger's cuts the huge porterhouse into smaller slabs on the serving platter, has done it that way since the beginning of time. The waiter angles the serving platter so he can scoop the juices and drizzle them over the steak as he serves each diner. That's part of their shtick, and if you don't care for it then head for a different steak house.

            The poor quality of the steak is another matter. There have been reports here in recent years of a decline in quality, but not everyone agrees. For many years Peter Luger set the standard. There not only was no better steak, there really wasn't any equal, at least in my experience.

            But times change and industries and restaurants evolve. I know that the long time beef buyer for Peter Luger (a woman named Marsha Forman) died a few years back, and perhaps her successor(s) don't have the same eye or talent for picking beef.

            The first time I went to Peter Luger's was perhaps 25 years ago, and I was convinced that Luger's then was mostly hype. I had been a meat and potatoes guy all my life and I thought I knew steak. I still remember being astonished at how good I found Luger's steak to be. I also remember taking friends there for their first visits and seeing their astonishment.

            I don't go to Luger's very often anymore but my wife and I are thinking about a vist in August. I'll have to see for myself if things have slipped.

            I'll be sure to post my thoughts then...