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Jul 31, 2006 10:07 PM

Rabbit Pate from Bouchon

Has anyone made the rabbit pate from the Bouchon cookbook? As pates go it seems pretty straight forward and pretty simple. If you have made the recipe is there anything you might add or change? I was thinking some unsalted pistachios and maybe some strips of country ham might give nice color and texture and would look pretty when sliced.

The Bourdain recipe looks really good too but right now 3/4 lb. of foie gras, while it would be wonderful is not in the budget. I may do a combo of both recipes. I also have a jar of summer truffles and a jar of truffle breakings which might look very nice sprinkled into the hforce meat.

Suggestions? Oponions? Well I know we all have opinions or we would not be regulars on CH!

This is for a Slow Food organization pot luck this Sunday and my Dh will be making whis wonderful baguettes. There will be good cooks and professionals contributing so I do want this to be as best I can produce.

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  1. I haven't made this, Candy, but everything I have made from this wonderful cookbook had been stellar: I'd trust him.

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      Which? Buchon or Bourdain?? I have mde lots of pates and terrienes . We can pick you on the way to Jills and out to Christines. Let me know.It will be simple

    2. Such a great book.... everything in there is simple and perfectly prepared...... seriously though... the best pate I've ever had... ever.... was sooooo simple.... chicken livers, sauteed with shallot, herbs, white wine.... and then emulsified with a ton of butter... classic red onion, dijon and cornichons to top if you feel like it...... out of this world. Not to mention... CHEAP.

      1. I just read the Bouchon recipe and the only problem I can see is where to get plain, uncured fatback. Any sources in San Francisco?

        1. Candy, I have tried those pate recipes but I can recommend the rabbit rillette recipe in the Zuni café cookbook. It is really lovely and quite light tasting compared to other rillete recipes. It isn't difficult to make and it doesn't need a long curing time. I prefer to serve it close to room temperature.