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Jul 31, 2006 10:06 PM

Lucky Dragon Vs. Chung King

A few blocks away from each other. Chung King was taken over by new management, and I've detected some minor slippage (although this could be in my head). I visited Lucky Dragon a week ago and was extremely impressed with its Fried Chicken Cubes (the famous "mountain of chili peppers" volcano). Anybody care to add comments?

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  1. The last meal I had (at the new location) at Chung King was great. In particular, the fried spareribs with prickly ash and the water boiled beef were superb.

    The last meal I had at Lucky Dragon was subpar.

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    1. re: oro3030

      I have to agree that the spareribs with prickly ash was awesome. It was my favorite dish actually of everything we ordered. I also really liked the cold chicken with spicy sauce and the crisp rice crust with chicken was a great palate cleanser in between eating the spicier offerings that were on the table.

      See pics below:


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        What new location??? Did Chung King Move? I go to the one on Garfield.... :)

      2. They moved to 1000 S. San Gabriel Blvd. in San Gabriel.

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          just went to the new chung king tonight. got the tai an fish with konnyaku on their house specials. the la zi ji ding (fried chicken pieces with chilis-does anyone use the spherical 1-inch diameter sichuanese peppers anywhere?), prickly ash spareribs, the beef soup noodle, the hong you chao shou (red spicy wontons), the si ji dou (long beans with garlic) a new dish of diced beef with red and green peppers and crispy rice bits, and a prepared dish assortment with pigs ears and some other stuff. good stuff. not half as spicy as in sichuan. i havent been to lucky dragon yet so that will be my next stop. i think the problem is that all these sichuanese places are catering to a non sichuanese audience. still good dont get me wrong, but nothing close to what you'll get in sichuan. (of course every day i was there felt like i had lava in my intestines so maybe its a good thing)

          1. re: modernist

            Is there a consensus on this board about the "new chung king" and the "old chung king"?

            1. re: echoparkdirt

              Consensus in terms of what?
              Here's the Jonathan Gold review of the new location:

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                thnx for the link. Where have I been? I guess I wondered if people were still high on the old chung king....