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Parking at the Apple Pan

I've tried to go here 3 times now but was only successful once. The parking lot is pitifully small(6 spaces)and there is no parking on the street without a permit. No burger joint in LA is worth getting a parking ticket for, so what's the secret? It appears that the mall across the street is undergoing construction, so I didn't feel that was an option. Is this place for locals only?

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  1. When I went for the first time a few months ago, I parked on the street in a slot with a parking meter. I did park a couple of blocks away. Didn't notice any sign for permits for street parking.

    1. Park on the street with a meter, either Pico or Westwood.

      The mall is open and you could park there and walk over.

      1. There are some public lots behind the stores on the north side of Pico Blvd. with metered parking for several hours - not a huge amount of spots but you can sometimes find spots there.

        1. Park at the Westside Pavilion Mall - right across the street - always PLENTY of parking!!

          I was at the Apple Pan last night and found parking at 6:00 on Glendon right next to the restaurant.

          MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm Hickory Burger!!

          1. Apple Pan is 'Worth' parking a few blocks. Do not worry about the mall across the street *Westside Pavillion* there is ample parking.

            1. If there is no street parking, and almost all the side streets are permit only parking, the mall is directly across the street.

              As the last resort it is convenient and sometimes it is really busy in that area.

              I'd rather walk across the street than not eat Apple Pan when the craving is there!

              1. My burger was $75 last year when I visited Apple Pan for the first time. :)

                1. I go once a week - at least. Suprisingly, I almost always find a spot in back. Avoid the neighborhood, however. You may think it's legal after reading the incredibly confusing totem-pole of signs, but the small print -- if you get to it -- says go park in the mall.

                  1. The mall directly across the street is not under construction; it's the one caddy-corner (on the southwest corner of Pico and Westwood) that's being updated. Plenty of parking across the street, as others have pointed out.

                    I think the time you go to the Apple Pan is key for crowding, parking etc. I've been there a few times recently around 5 p.m., and have almost always found a spot in the lot behind, or on the metered parking on Glendale just before Pico. It's not crowded at that hour, so you can just walk in and sit right down.

                    To the poster with the "$75" comment, a burger (with cheese), fries and a soda comes to around $11, including tax. I usually get out of there for $13 with tip. Sure it's more than In 'N Out, but comparable to Fatburger and the Counter, and better than all three in my opinion. But to each their own . . .

                    Edited to Add: D'oh! I totally didn't get that about the parking ticket. Thanks for the heads up!

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                      I'm pretty sure that person meant he/she got a parking ticket that made it a $75 meal.

                      1. re: Itslikeimsayin

                        I agree. But there are days I'd pay $75 for one of those steak burgers. For that much, I bet they'd throw in fries, a coke and a piece of that delicous apple pie with about a pint of vanilla ice cream on top.

                    2. A block east of the Apple Pan, there's a Boston Market. Behind the Boston Market is a small parking lot with meters where I can usually find a space.

                      That said, I have to add that my last few visits to the Apple Pan have been disappointing. The burgers were overcooked and when I pointed this out to the counterman, he was disinterested in doing anything about it.