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Jul 31, 2006 09:35 PM

rehearsal dinner - SEATTLE

i am looking for a place to have a casual rehearsal dinner in arouns seattle in early october.

we were thinking of having it at jalisco as it would fall under the "casual" category - but something got lost in translation and i don't think they knew what we were asking. i know it's not the best chowhound food - but it would be convenient, easy a relatively inexpensive.

the wedding will be in redmond so anything over there would work as well.

thanks !

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  1. Buca di Beppo might be good for what you're looking for. It's reasonably priced and they have private rooms available for larger groups.

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    1. re: Dana

      That's where we had our rehearsal dinner (*not* my choice). =( Even though they can accomodate large groups, it can get too loud for a nice conversation & meal (too loud for toasters to be heard even within the group).

      If I had to do it all over again...I'd do it over again elsewhere.

      (though I'm in OC, I got married in Seattle.)

    2. Is your rehearsal on a Friday? Traffic across 520 from Redmond around dinner can be a bear.

      Pomegranate in Redmond is excellent and can fit up to 80, I believe. Purple Cafe in Woodinville has a "loft" that you can have a cocktail style rehearsal dinner. There's also a Jalisco's in Kirkland, you might have better luck there. Maggiano's has family style dining which can be fun for large groups.

      Seattle side, Gordon Biersch offers a terrific private dining package that includes beer. Bucco de Beppo gets really loud, and I'm not a fan of their food, so I don't prefer it.

      1. If your party has less than 17 people, you might want to consider Tango on Capitol Hill (Pike and Boren). There's a separate dining room for small parties, and I think the food (small plate tapas) is faboulous--particularly the duck confit, the ceviche mixtura and the diablo dessert. I've heard wonderful things about the paella as well. The only drawback is that their service is a little slow, but they might be able to arrange the menu ahead of time. A friend just had an event there and they were able to get it for about $22 per guest (excludes drinks).

        If you have a larger group, there's a great little Greek cafe also on Capitol Hill called Vios. We were there for a small casual wedding dinner last winter, and the food was wonderful (homemade tastes, not pretentious, served family-style).

        Also, it might be worth looking into Chinese restaurants--some of them have great big round tables that accommodate up to 12 guests. Depending on your food choices, it may not be too expensive.

        I wonder if there are many neighborhood cafes that slow down enough in the evening that they would be willing to accomodate private parties?

        Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

        1. Blackbottle in Belltown has a room which can be reserved for parties. It is casual, reasonably priced, and you can request your menu items in advance. No minors are permitted, if that's an issue.

          1. We had our rehearsal dinner last Thursday in the private dining area at Tulio. It is an excellent space that can fit up to 50 people. Our menu options were veal chop, halibut and risotto. Food and service were excellent and would highly reccomend that you check them out.