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Jul 31, 2006 09:30 PM

Help before my fiancee kills me

I am looking for a few suggestions in Chicago for my rehersal dinner. I am looking at about 40-50 people who are mainly staying in the area around Walbash and Wacker. I'd prefer a restuarant that had access to an outdoor area with some sort of terrace or view but then again, that's not the most important thing. Good food with a great atmosphere. A friend recommended Erie Cafe (which looks nice) but any other suggestion are appreciated. If you've been to a restaurant that you found yourself saying after a full belly, "this is a pretty cool spot," I would love your feedback. My life is in your hands.....

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  1. Being that you are asking about a wedding, price point is going to be a key factor. Also, is type of food important? Being that you want to be downtown, American is going to be the most prevalent. Answer those questions and I will be able to help you out a little better.

    1. As a man celebrating 18 years of unwedded bliss with my sweetheart this weekend, I can only advise one thing: do the rehearsal dinner on a monthly basis (for a party of 2) and skip the wedding!

      1. I held my wedding at Galleria Marchetti at Halsted and Erie on Friday the 13th! The late Joe Marchetti was a great host. Stop by to catch one of the many benefits, weddings, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties, etc. The Marchetti family has wined and dined many a star and quite a few crooners as well at the various Marchetti venue's over the years. A lot of history with this family and of course great food and an incredible indoor/outdoor venue. The outdoor area has a gorgeous tented area and huge patio. The antipasto table with multi-tiered serving stations is beautiful. Great views of the city as well! FYI: They were very negotiable.

        I held my rehearsal dinner here five years ago. Very cool outdoor patio. My only complaint is that the appetizer's were on the tiny side so everyone complained that they were hungry. We had to order more food.

        PEGASUS: on Halsted just north of Adams. Great rooftop with spectacular views of the city! Small plates only on roof.

        1. We held a 40-person rehearsal dinner at Bin 36 (just across the river from Wabash & Wacker) that went very well. They have a second story loft space (with no outdoor exposure, however) that normally overlooks the main restaurant but can be cordoned off for a private event.

          1. Thanks for your responses so far. I'll be sure to look into them. Answering Tanx's question, American cuisine is fine. I'm not trying to break the bank, but I am also not looking to out do the wedding the next evening. If I could get away with $40-50 per head, that would be great. Pedro, thanks for the tip.