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Jul 31, 2006 09:04 PM

recipe for curried egg salad?

I had a great curried egg salad sandwich last weekend at Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco and wanted to duplicate it at home. Just a simple recipe please, no raisins, apples, etc... I like things savory and zesty. They served it on a whole grain ciabatta style roll and also offer it as a appetizer-like platter with a dollop of caviar, to serve on top of Wasa crakers along side a filet of smoked trout, some capers, red onions, and fresh fruit - great for brunch I think.

I know it's probably a super-simple recipe, but just wanted some tried and true ideas.

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  1. I usually use raisins, or tart green apple, or toasted almond slivers, or at the very least scallions.

    I would mix up the egg salad and usual with mayo-then add curry powder to taste. I usually served this with a smear of chutney onthe sandwich.