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Jul 31, 2006 08:54 PM

Breakfast places in Murray Hill

I am going to NY in less than two weeks. We will be staying at the Carlton on Madison in Murray Hill and I was wondering if there were any nice, not too pricey, breakfast places near the hotel. My boyfriend wants to have breakfast at the hotel, but I am sure that he will change his mind when he sees the menu and the prices!! It is his first time in NY and he doesn't know that hotel restaurants can be really pricey. I stayed in that area many times before, but alwats at hotels that had breakfast included.

Thanks for your answers!

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  1. Not sure exactly where the Carlton is on Madison but Penelope on Lex and 30th Street is great for breakfast.

    1. The patisserie Chez Laurence serves breakfast, Madison/38th. It got some votes for best croissant on the recent croissant message thread.

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        Yep, great croissants but they also do a mighty fine breakfast in general.

      2. the restaurant in your hotel, called country, is actually really good, and i would recommend having dinner there. their breakfast is also great. but if you would rather go elsewhere, try these for breakfast:

        159 Lexington at 30th

        249 Park Ave at 20th

        AQ Cafe (in the Scandinavia House)
        58 Park Ave at 38th ST

        Chez Laurence
        245 Madison Ave at 38th St

        2 Park Ave (32nd st btwn Park and Madison)
        -brunch only on weekends