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Jul 31, 2006 08:26 PM

Columbus, Ohio

We'll be in the Columbus area around lunch time, any great lunch places we should stop at. It can be anything from sandwiches to an ethnic buffet, we just want it to be good! Addresses would be a huge plus so I can plug it into mapquest. Thank you!

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  1. Will you be downtown or driving around the outerbelt? If you can tell us where you will be coming from/going to, it might help to narrow it down. Things can be pretty far apart from one side of town to the other.

    1. Schmidt's
      240 E Kossuth St
      Columbus, OH 43206

      All you can eat sausage buffet and a cream puff for dessert. A Columbus institution.

      1. LINDEY'S has a clone in the polaris fashion mall north I-270 just off I-71. my spouse ate there last week for lunch with a friend and i met here there later on. it looks nice.

        i had lunch with my friend at TRATTORIA ROMA in grandview that day. very nice italian. he had a panini. i had a tasty tortellini w/ bolognese sauce.

        1. I'm not sure exactly what part of the city I'm in, but I'm near the Ohio Auto Auction. According to mapquest I'm only about a 10 min. drive from Schmidt's.

          1. If you are in the downtown area, try to go somewhere in German Village. As someone else noted, Schmit's is great, and a Columbus institution (although, to me, braughts are for football season!) and the Bahama Mama and cream puffs are to die for.

            But if I had to pick one place, it would be Thurman Cafe for the burgers. YUMMY!!!

            (614) 443-1570
            183 Thurman Ave
            Columbus, OH 43206

            If you happen to be indecisive or with a group that likes different things, you can't go wrong with North Market, which has dozens of local eaters together (make sure to save room for Jeni's icecream!).

            59 Spruce Street
            Columbus, Ohio 43215