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Jul 31, 2006 08:24 PM

Anybody Seen Saveur in French?

My son gave me a copy of a mag called "Saveur" that was in French. It was really great, with articles on food that was not from the usual suspect countries. Macedonia was one, I think....

I've looked and looked and have never seen it again. Anybody know it?

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  1. I see it on the newsstands in Manhattan all the time. Since I have enough trouble handling things in english, lol, I haven't picked it up.

    1. I used to frequent Borders when I lived in the Chicago area. They carried it. I haven't noticed it in the Bay Area. I haven't been to Borders lately.

      1. There is a toll free number for subscriptions-877-717-8925 and outside the US at 386-447-2592, I subscribe and really enjoy it, The magazine is very consistent so if you liked one issue, I believe you would be happy subscribing.

        1. Is that the same as the English language Saveur magazine I see in NY, except that its in French? (Like Paris Vogue) Or is it a completely different magazine?

          1. I"ve seen a French language mag called "Saveurs" but not "Saveur." Or is this something altogether different? "Saveurs" is not the same mag nor from the same publisher as "Saveur." (Or at least it wasn't several years ago.)

            I wouldn't say you see it "everwhere" in Manhattan, but there are quite a few specialty newspaper/mag shops that carry wide selections of mags from around the world - they almost always have it. I don't recall seeing it in places like Borders and B&N, but that probably varies by locale. Even if your local store doesn't have it, they can probably order it since it's obviously "in their system" somewhere...