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Jul 31, 2006 08:17 PM

anniversary dinner?

does anyone have any suggestions for where to go for an anniversary dinner? somewhere in the west valley, westside, malibu would be good, although last year we did go to Chameau.... so willing to drive to that area as well. My husband doesn't normally like what he terms "fancy places" -- which means dim light and small dishes (I guess AOC is out, too bad for him). He did like Chameau though. Something not too trendy would be good, any kind of food, but something special. I was thinking of a place like Joe's in Venice ... any other ideas?

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  1. Sounds like he, and you of course, would really enjoy the Elk Tenderloin at:

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      I second the Saddle Peak -- especially if you're relatively clos. It's truly unique.

    2. We celebrated an anniversary at Joe's and truly enjoyed the food and the ambiance. Have you been to the Brentwood on Barrington near Sunset? I've had one great dinner there and one not as great dinner there but it seems to have more of a guy vibe to it that your husband would appreciate.

      1. Primitivo in Venice channels AOC but has a wonderful patio.

        La Paella on San Vicente is quaint, romantic, and delicious.

        1. I think Saddle Peak Lodge fits the bill perfectly.