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Jul 31, 2006 08:11 PM

Cupcakes! Or great Bakeries in Austin...

I would like to send a friend the very best cupcakes or sweet treat Austin has to offer. Delivery is a plus -- but I'd love to hear about any wonderful local bakeries that I can just tell him to go to...

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  1. I never buy cupcakes but my favorite bakeries in Austin, in order, are:

    Sweetish Hill
    Upper Crust

    1. There's a new place up north called the Blue Cupcake, which should have some good cupcakes. Haven't tried them myself.

      Here's a recent blurb in the Statesman:

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        After reading the blurb in the Austin American Statesman about The Blue Cupcake, it seemed a tempting spot to take my best friend, here on a rare visit from Virginia. We were SO disappointed! At seven dollars a pop, and the quote in the paper that it was "big enough to share", we expected a hefty sandwich on homemade bread. Although the veggie sandwich filling was delicious, the bread was of the ordinary grocery store variety, and hardly big enough for half to satisfy. A seven dollar sandwich should come on a sturdy homemade bread, especially when it's served in a bakery! We had to order a second sandwich (a very unsophisticated ham and cheese) to be satisfied. My husband enjoyed his tuna sandwich, but was also disappointed in the bread.

        The cupcakes were equally unsatisfying. Although we liked the flavors of the Keep Austin Weird and coconut snowball cupcakes, at $1.75 each they are overpriced for their small size. I found the cake part to be a bit dense and dry for my tastes, although my friend and husband liked it. They also enjoyed their cafe americanos and lattes, but my mocha tasted like it was made with hot chocolate mix.

        Overall, I found the prices to be too high for the offerings, especially in a standard strip-mall store with little ambiance; and the menu is entirely mundane except for the veggie sandwich and the Keep Austin Weird cupcake. We won't be going back --- at least until they do some work on the menu.

      2. Here is a new cupcakery, I haven't been but I bookmarked the page from a little while ago (it's delivery only at the moment):

        There's also Tiff's Treats! (you can tell I'm an UT student, heh). Freshly baked cookies, delivered! They're VERY yum. If you sign up for their mailing list, they send out a coupon each week.

        1. This is a good question! Little City used to have the most amazing cupcakes when they first opened-- they were white cake flavored with Frangelico and a chocolate icing. MMmmmm... I miss those things, they were bigger than my two fists smushed together.

          1. Don't know about cupcakes, but the cinnamon rolls at Upper Crust are to die for.