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Jul 31, 2006 07:35 PM

Only 5 dollars to spend in South Brooklyn...

Where would you head?
What would you eat?

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  1. If by South Brooklyn you mean the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/Red Hook (the old name for the nabe), I would get an italian ice ($1.25) at Court Pastry on Court Street and then I would head west to Henry Street and order a rice ball (with sauce on the side) and regular slice at Nino's ($3.75-ish).

    1. Bahn mi and drink from:

      Thanh Da
      5624-B 8th Ave (at 57th)

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      1. re: CTownFeedR

        Yes! But I go to Ba Xuyen, 8th ave. at 42nd St.

        1. re: scooter

          Personally, I like Thanh Da better for the taste of its pork, but Ba Xuyen is good too.


      2. By South Brooklyn, I actually meant a huge area also encompassing Fort Greene/Clinton Hill as well as Chinatown and Sunset Park. Maybe I should just say all of Brooklyn except for Williamsburg/Greenpoint and other areas that are a pain in the but to get to by train from Fort Greene.

        1. Seven prosciutto balls from Joe's Superette ($3.50) and a cannoli from Court Pastry ($1.50)

          RedHook Ballfields: Beefsteak taco ($2.25), cheese pupusa ($1.50) and a cup of fresh juice ($1.00)

          Soup dumplings ($3.50) to go at Chance (though not the best in the city, credible for the area) and a cookie from one of the nearby bakeries

          Two tacos from Fast and Fresh deli

          One slice of Red Velvet Cake from CakeMan Raven ($5, no nuts for me)

          Whole seedless watermelon from Pathmark ($4.99 special this week)

          Loaf of cheese bread from Mazzola ($4)

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          1. re: Pupster

            Where's Joe's Superette and Court Pastry located?

            1. re: worm

              They're both in Carroll Gardens, addresses on Citysearch.

              I should add $5 of anything (maybe 1/2lb of superfresh mozzarella and a loaf of ciabatta) from Caputo's to my list.

              1. re: Pupster

                FYI--Caputo's is currently closed due to a death in the family. I believe they're set to reopen next week.

            2. Kefta kebab sandwich at Zaytoons - $5.00! mmmm