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Jul 31, 2006 07:09 PM

Gaby's Farm Tropical Fruit Ice Cream from Homestead

They just started selling Gaby's ice cream in a few locations, Milam's in Coconut Grove being the closest to me. I had tried them at a fruit festival at the Fruit and Spice Park and was hooked! The canistel (eggfruit) ice cream is velvety smooth due to the consistency of the fruit and since it has so much fruit puree, it has less calories than other premium ice cream. There are tons of flavors (black sapote, mango, guanabanaetc). The only thing is the price, at $5.99, is, well, pricey. However, it is a homegrown "Fresh from Florida" product trying to gain a market so I'll happily support it.

They have a website ( that shows retail outlets as they get them. Hopefully they'll be growing their outlets soon.

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