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Whole Foods update

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Curbed reporting that WF is coming to DUMBO: http://www.curbed.com/archives/2006/0...

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  1. smart location, that area needs good food, the deli, Peas & Pickles, is one of the worst. even their canned goods are always expired!! And the same people opened "Bridge fresh" which is
    more of the same. Whole Foods would def. hurt Foragers, an excellent market that is WAY overpriced.
    It seems like there are at least 2 Fresh Direct trucks in Dumbo, 24hrs a day,
    seems like a neighborhood ripe for a Whole Foods. And I'm sure Walentas and Two Trees will do everything they can to make it happen...

    1. What happened to the one planned for 4th Av. in Brooklyn? Was that just a rumor?

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        I believe it is to be at 3rd and 3rd, and it is under construction (sort of) as we speak. They need to clean up the brownfield first before actual construction can begin.

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          Interesting...thanks. I rode by there recently and didn't see any changes--I wonder how they're going to work around that historical landmark house on the corner. Any estimated date of completion?

      2. I do love to go into Forager's occasionally just to see how much they've overpriced their fish on that day. It's so overpriced that they've it's passed outrage and gone onto comical.

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          I agree! Fish Tales on Court Street will have fresh fish for almost half the price!!!
          Guess they are counting on a lot of suckers with money moving into Dumbo...

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            Much as I love Fish Tales, I beg to differ. Whole Foods' prices, and I check almost daily, are consistently lower, and the quality seems about equal. They are usually at least $5 less a pound for fresh wild salmon.

          2. So if I understand this correctly, if the WF site @ 3rd & 3rd opens people will be shopping for healthy food on the site of a former industrial brownfield? That makes a lot of sense.

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            1. That curbed rumor does not make sense.

              Consider the empty space at Atlantic and Court and the now vacated space across from Sahadis where thje furniture store used to be. The rents are substantially lower on Atlantic. The ABC warehouse has ZERO foot traffic. Both spots on Atlantc would be plenty of room for a Whole Foods.

              Atlantic/ Boerum. Cobble Carroll will see a Whole Foods way before DUMBO.

              Cheers to see Foragers go out of business. They've been on their way out ever since they opened, imo.

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                They're probably looking for a lot of space, so I doubt if the furniture store is big enough. The space in the new Atlantic/Court building is slated for a YMCA (and I believe, a bank).

                1. re: bobjbkln

                  That furniture store was actually pretty huge but probably still not big enough. And the YMCA is already in place -- the remaining space will, in part, be taken by a New Balance (sneaker) store.

                  I can't imagine where there's enough room for them. They'll want at least 35,000 sq feet of selling space -- and then quite a bit of back room as well.

              2. The Whole Foods Web site says they're opening a 55,000 square foot store at 3rd and 3rd --opening date to be announced. (Also says they're planning one for Tribeca at Franklin and Greenwich.) The annual report says they own the land at 3rd and 3rd. Dumbo doesn't seem to me to have the foot and/or car traffic they want. I'm not a Whole Foods fan in any case, it being so overpriced and corpratized, so I'll be happy if they delay forever and hold onto the land, preventing another unattractive condo from being built.

                1. Is that the former Con Ed land? If so, it holds the remains of the old Washington Park where the Brooklyn Dodgers once played (yes, BEFORE Ebbets field). The wall to the old ballpark was consolidated into Con Ed's facilities and can still very clearly be seen along 3rd Ave. I would hope that Whole Foods, if they build on the site, could be persuaded to preserve it.

                  1. despite the Curbed rumor, Two Trees has told me that Whole Foods has not contacted Two Trees about opening in the former ABC Carpet space in DUMBO. Someone on Curbed is also now saying that Whole Foods is not considering DUMBO.

                    Two Trees has also said that Whole Foods has not contacted them about Courthouse at Court & Atlantic.

                    1. WF at 3rd/3rd in Park Slope not Con Ed land.
                      Con Ed still there,across the street, bless their souls.
                      WF land a big, muddy, problematic brownfield.
                      Probably won't open anytime before 2008, or later.

                      1. RE: the Whole Foods going in at 3rd/3rd, yes they own the property, and yes it's a brownfield. They don't own the corner plot that was just landmarked, so I guess they'll have to build around it. As far as the brownfield goes, when the Department of Environmental Conservation approved Whole Food's plan to clean the site for building, their report said "Exposures via drinking water and soil are not expected because this mixed industrial/residential neighborhood is served by public water." I just hope Whole Foods isn't going to rinse their organic veggies with canal water.
                        Woodside Al - very interesting, I had no idea that Dodgers had a field there. Where on the site is the ballfield wall?

                        1. If you look along 3rd Ave. near 1st St. you will see a wall with small bricked over windows in it. This was part of Washington Park, where the Dodgers played from 1898 to 1912 (Casey Stengel's rookie season). Although it's not clear which particular version of the ballpark this wall dates to, it's pretty much universally agreed that this wall was a part of Washington Park.

                          1. though I'm not a Whole Foods shopper, anything that helps get those Fresh Direct trucks off the streets would be welcome - talk about environmental disasters.

                            and if you think building on a brownfield site by the Gowanus Canal is worthy of irony (I don't), have you ever seen the Fresh Direct warehouse and truck depot by our other famously polluted waterway: Newtown Creek? One of the worst underground fuel spills in the country.

                            1. I'm so over Whole Foods....Trader Joe's helped me see the light. Anyone hear rumors of TJs opening a Brooklyn store?

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                                No. Supposedly they only opened the Manhattan spot because NYU gave them a huge break on rent to appease their students' requests for the chain.

                                1. re: Matt M.

                                  I guess anything's possible, though i just can't see NYU giving *anyone* a deal on rent. Aren't they known as being hard cases in situtions such as this? Just weird. :)