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Jul 31, 2006 06:47 PM

Berkeley – Mokka ... Latest Scoop mokka gelato, Equator coffee (drip & brew), & Dagoba organic sipping chocolate

I am very impressed with the staff at Mokka, the new organic coffee and sandwich shop on Telegraph a block up from Smokehouse.

On Sunday, the usual counter people were not there and, to tell you the truth, the staff looked slightly spacy ... no .. these guys were serious about making good coffee and totally professional.

Coffee can be ordered either brewed or for 25 cents more, ground to order and drip-brewed. So I ordered both for a side by side comparison. Yeah, I know I’m compulsive. What was also nice was I asked for warm steamed milk on my coffee and they accommodated that without any problem.

The Mokka house-blend Equator coffee (used by the French Laundry and Bouchon) was sooo different in taste between brewed and drip, ground-to-order.

The brewed was mellow and lovely. The drip was assertive and very similar in taste to Graffeo’s dark roast. I liked both, but oddly enough I liked the smooth taste of the brewed better even though I’m more of a strong coffee person. Any of the other bean roasts sold can be ordered as drip cups.

That Dagoba sipping chocolate really is. They have two types of hot chocolate, both made from Dagoba organic chocolate. I was told the regular hot chocolate was sweeter. I thought I’d give the less sweet hot chocolate a try first ... of course topped with their fabulous whipped cream that has a stylish squiggle of chocolate sauce on top.

This is good stuff. True to the taste of Dagoba dark chocolate. If you like that taste, you will like this. It really IS sipping chocolate. Because it is not sweet, you have to take little sips. It lasted me all day as I was driving around SF on Saturday and was very satisfying the whole day. I like this very much. Just don’t think hot chocolate when you order it. It is a different thing.

I’m telling you ice cream month is going to kill me. If all goes well today it is off to Rulli today and that place in Sausaultto to see why they were sold out and if there’s a new supply in. Besides, sitting for a while on their back patio is sounding good to me.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve noted about The Latest Scoop gelato is that their gelatos that are custom-made for restaurants are usually spectacular. That pear-wine gelato at Pear Street Café is still one of the best gelato’s I’ve ever had.

So I got a scoop of Mokkas mokka gelato which had a good coffee taste. I'm going to have to revisit this flavor. It is incorrectly listed on their take-out menu as coffee with almonds. It turns out it is really Mocha Chip, which has Guittard's mini 72% baking
chips. Well, there was a reason I wasn't tasting almonds.

On Sunday, Mokka has a complementary Sunday Chronicle to read in-house. Also, there is a parking lot in back. They don’t have wifi, but I noticed a lot of plugs for computers.

I like this place a lot.

3075 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, Ca 94705
510 – 848-8909

Previous post ... I only did a new one because it is ice cream month and I wanted that in the subject

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  1. We were there Sunday around 11:30 for an early lunch. We had noticed it in our walks about town, but your earlier post prompted us to try it. Did not get the hot chocolate. I had the Muffaleta and the wife had the Ham margerita. These are from the cold sandwich part of the menu, but we appreciated that they toasted the bread slightly. Came with some lightly dressed greens and we were both quite pleased (I'm easily pleased, it takes a little more for Liz) I think $6.75.

    They also carry the Izze brand soda, our new favorite soda as it is just juice and sparkling water, but tasty.

    They are open mostly for the weekday Alta Bates crowd. No evening hours. M-F 7-6, S&S 8-5

    BTW we walked down from the Beanery(?) on College across from La Mediterrane. Noticed that Ici wasn't open yet. Anyone know an expected opening date?

    1. I've eaten at Mokka regularly since they opened. Mokka has wonderful ambiance, friendly and professional service, and most importantly, consistently great food and outstanding coffees and teas.

      I totally agree with the earlier posting reference to Mokka and "a Chez Panisse moment". In fact, I have enjoyed their food more than my last dinner at the Chez Panisse Cafe. They use very high quality gourmet ingredients and is very reasonably priced.

      My favorites are their eggplant panini, pastrami panini (their pastrami is delicious and not excessively salty) and their apple pecan salad.

      If you haven't gone to Mokka yet, you MUST go and try it out.

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      1. re: A. Tabemono

        Ok, I've been known ... on occassion ... to be highly enthusiastic about a place or two ... I agree with all you said and have enjoyed stops at Mokka since that post.

        The only thing I might modify so people don't go with unreasonable expectations is that it is a coffee/sandwich shop that serves organic food. Anyone going in expecting CP cafe would be a little disappointed. Closer to Cafe Fanny.

        Hmmm ... I was just thinking on this cold, rainy day that hot chocolate season was here. That sipping chocolate at Mokka is calling to me.

      2. A heads-up: amidst much fanfare and with much signage telling you this is for a limited time, Mokka have started serving this year's Panama Geisha Esmeralda Especial. Usually I prefer a darker roast than Equator's, but I suspect that might not be appropriate for this coffee. And I have no trouble appreciating the sour, fruity, luminous qualities of this drink. If your coffee priority is brightness rather than body, you might find this extraordinary. At $3.50 for a 12 oz. cup, it's an economical way to experience this ridiculously expensive bean.