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Jul 31, 2006 06:36 PM

Off-tasting canola oil -- is it just me?

I've tried to use canola oil in cooking and have been unable to find one that doesn't taste "funny," at least to me--the best way I can describe it is "sort of fishy." I've tried a couple from Whole Foods (IIRC, one was store brand, one was Hain or Spectrum). More recently, a friend gave me a bottle of canola infused with basil, which I thought might be a nice seasoning for some sliced grilled potatoes, but alas, that same off-taste came through. Does anyone else experience canola the same way??

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  1. Do you have any reaction to the oil? A friend of mind says she is allergic to canola.

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      No reaction to the oil at all, so I don't think it's an allergy. I'm wondering if this is a case similar to all those folks who can't stand cilantro. . .

    2. I'm with you. My husband say's I'm nuts but canola oil tastes awful to me. I can tell immediately if I'm eating something that was fried in canola. Now I can tell hubby that there's at least one other nut out there.

      1. To me canola oil is tasteless, but my husband has the same reaction you do, a sort of fishiness that is not pleasant. When it is mixed with another oil, he doesn't object to it.

        1. I always think canola has a strange odor even when I open it new. I also get a "fishy" thing about it.

          1. I've always hated the taste (and smell) of canola oil ... have anything against olive? Better for you too ...

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              No, olive is my oil of choice. I was just trying to expand my options. . .