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Hey guys. I need a place to go with 2 friends. One is totally broke, the other has a family so I need a place that is REALLY cheap. But preferably good.

Any night this week works, so suggestions on Happy Hours or special deal nights could be good. Any time of food (although one of us is a vegetarian). Any ideas?

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  1. What part of town are you looking for?

    1. Anywhere between Hollywood and West LA (lets say east of the 405) but would be willing to venture a little further for the right place.

      1. I went to La Playita on the rec of some on this board, but found it very mediocre. That said, you can eat for under $5 each (tacos, burritos, etc.) But it's not sit down.

        How cheap is cheap? There are a lot of sit down places where you could eat a lot for under $10 (Monte Alban, Pho 99, and any ramen place on Sawtelle come to mind; maybe a burger somewhere?), but even less than that might be tough.

        1. The happy hour specials at McCormick & Schmick's are outstanding values -- big burger w/ fries for $2, and other specials as well. They have a branch in Bev Hills, downtown is packed for office afterhours during the week, and I think they have a branch off 405 and Rosecranz as well. Upscale seafood houses with lots of nice wood decor. If the timing fits, no other deal in town comes close.

          1. How about Cheebo? Have you been there?

            Cheebo, Hollywood Restaurant

            7533 W. Sunset Blvd.
            Hollywood, CA 90046

            Not very expensive, also great salads for vegetarians.

            I agree with the ramen recommendations on Sawtelle, but don't think Monte Alban is very vegetarian friendly.

            1. I'll suggest McCormick's (I've heard good things about the burgers) and I'll look into Cheebo. Actually turns out that one is a vegetarian, one doesn't eat beef, and I'll eat anything. So we need something that's all around pleasing.

              I think $10 per person would work, but we're hoping for something even less...more like a place where we can get like 4 or 5 happy hour items for about $5 a plate.

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                Every (?) college town has a large population with hearty appetites, but little money. In Westwood Village, 1/2 block from UCLA, there is Mr. Noodle (Chinese & Thai) that has 18 "All Day Specials" for $6.95, 2 of which are Vegan. You could ask them to sustitute _________ for the meat in another dish (I like meat, so I've never tried that). Since your into saving money, don't forget the $$$ it takes to park. There is a free 1 hour parking structure half a block south on Broxton. After dinner, you can go next door to Diddie Reese for a $1.25 Ice Cream Sandwich (two large fresh cookies with a big scoop of Ice Cream in the middle).

                Mr. Noodle
                936 Broxton Ave.
                Westwood Village
                (310) 208-1730


                M&S in Beverly HillS
                I do think M&S's Happy Hour is a good deal; however, it will cost you something to park; I'd advise calling them first and asking what the deal is. One more thing about Happy Hour at M&S, I think each person is required to buy 1 drink from the Bar, cheapest being Beer at $4.50 (?).

              2. The SO was craving a traditional happy hour kinda place and we went to El Torrito in Sherman Oaks on Friday. They had this huge app. plate for $4.85 with nachos, quesadilla, flautas, pupusa and guacamole and accoutrements. The huge margaritas were a lil over $3-. I know there are locations all over Los Angeles. All well drinks, tap beer, margies and apps are 50% off during happy hour 4-8 I think.

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                  Good suggestion. I remember the one in BH having dollar (I think) tacos too.

                2. warning: the $2 burger at Mc&S is a great value, but they cook it well done. if you want to specify how it's cooked, you pay full price.

                  1. Cheebo is NOT cheap. Not super expensive, but I think you'd be hard pressed to get out of there for under $10 a person. And it's not very good, in my opinion.

                    Nick and Stef's, downtown, has a great happy hour burger for $6 and you can specify its done-ness. Lots of other great stuff on the menu as well--all under $6, so you could get a drink too for about $10. Plus, they have a nice patio.

                    Nick and Stef's Steakhouse
                    330 S. Hope Street
                    LA, CA
                    Be sure to check out the website for parking info: http://www.patinagroup.com/nickStef/

                    1. Similar to El Torito ... Acapulco has great Monday Margarita night (locations all over LA). In the bar area margaritas are about $2 each, appetizers are half off until 7:00 p.m. (lots of cheap stuff) and it's $1 tacos after 9:00 p.m.